Major Brain Myths Debunked

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Last Updated: Jan 18, 2016

There are a lot of facts about the brain that everyone seems to know. However, there are new studies that show some of this information is actually not real.einstein_small

Here are the common brain myths:

  1. Having a bigger brain doesn’t necessarily mean you are smart. If this is true, then the sperm whale should be the smartest mammal on Earth, since it has the largest brain.
  2. Drinking too much alcohol can damage the brain, but it does not kill the brain cells. Drinking too much alcohol destroys the connection between the brain cells, but it won’t totally vaporize the neurons in your brain.
  3. Drugs don’t result to having holes in your precious brain. It can damage the structure of the brain and affect its functions, but it won’t make your brain look like Swiss cheese.
  4. People used to think that there are 100 billion brain cells, but a news study in 2009 has proven that there are just around 86 billion brain cells.
  5. You can only access 10 percent of your brain. This is definitely not true. You can access more than just that amount of your brain, just not all at once, unless you solve a calculus equation, while you balance on a tight rope.
  6. It is not true that you are more logical because you are left-brained and that you are more creative because you are right-brained. The is no such thing as left or right brain dominance, but your brain hemisphere can be more engaged in certain task than the other.
  7. You actually have more than just five senses. The major senses are touch, taste, hearing, smell and sight. But there are more. You also have the sense of balance, time, temperature and so much more.


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