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Mississippi – The Most Obese State!

In reference to a recent Gallup poll, the most obese state is Mississippi.

Mississippians edged out West Virginians to claim the title of the fattest state for the first time in three years. The crowned residents has an obesity estimate of 35.4%

However, West Virginia came in close with an obesity rate of 34.4%

Since 2008, Gallop has been compiling the list using random samples of 178,072 adults their height and weight, calculating their Body Mass index (BMI) as part of Gallup-Health ways Well-Being Index. Every person whose BMI exceeds 30 is considered to be obese.

In March last year, the state passed the so called “anti-Bloomberg bill” ahead of their crowning this year, in which municipalities were prevented to limit the amounts of foods and drinks that Mississippians can consume. A week after, the governor signed it in to a bill following the blockage of a former’s New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s supersize soda ban proposal.

On the other hand, Montana ranked top as the state with the lowest obesity rate at 19.6%, down from 2012’s 22%. Nevertheless, the overall obesity rates across the U.S. increased from 26.2% to 27.1%.

In reference to the poll, chronic diseases such as high cholesterol, depression, and cancer are more prone in states with higher obesity rates.

Among other States who appeared on top of the list with high obesity rates include Delaware (34.4%), Louisiana (32.7%), Arkansas (32.3%), South Carolina (31.4%), Tennessee (31.2%), Ohio (30.9%), Kentucky (30.6%), and Oklahoma (30.5%).

States that exhibited low obesity rates other than Montana include Colorado (20.4), Nevada (21.1), Minnesota (22.0%), Massachusetts (22.2%), New Mexico (23.5%), California (23.6%), Hawaii (23.7%), and New York (20.4%)

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