7 Myths about Anti-Wrinkle Cream That Need ‘Clearing Up’

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Last Updated: Mar 2, 2017

It seems like every day a new anti-wrinkle cream appears on the shelves of supermarkets, drugstores or in online stores. All these products promise the same thing, and it comes as no wonder why there are tons of myths about anti-wrinkle creams that people firmly believe in. The best way to reduce wrinkles and restore healthy skin glow is to know everything about these products and it’s only possible by debunking some common myths. The purpose of this article is to clarify the most frequent myths about anti-wrinkle creams and explain why you should ignore them.

All Anti-Wrinkle Creams Are The Same

Let’s face it, you’ve probably thought all anti-wrinkle creams are equal on more occasions than one. However, when it comes to skincare there is no “one size fits all” rule meaning there is no single product that is beneficial for everyone. Thanks to innovations in technology, science, and skin care industry, anti-wrinkle creams are formulated to address a different issue. They are also made for specific skin types and provide different benefits. For example, if you have dry skin then using the anti-wrinkle cream for normal or oily skin isn’t going to work. Instead, you should look for a product that provides deep nourishment that dry skin lacks. Therefore, it’s safe to conclude that anti-wrinkle creams are not created equal.


All anti-wrinkle Creams Contain SPF

More than 80% of wrinkles on your face are the result of sun exposure and wearing sunscreen whenever you’re about to go out is highly recommended (even when it’s not summer). Unfortunately, nearly half of sunscreen products in the United States don’t live up to the SPF claims presented on the label, CNN reports. Since you can’t risk going to the direct sunlight without protection, you have to make wiser sunscreen choices and use anti-wrinkle cream with SPF. Although a lot of these products nowadays do come with SPF (it’s always indicated on the label), some of them don’t. Also, night creams don’t come with SPF because, of course, you won’t be exposed to sun’s UV rays at nighttime.

Anti-wrinkle Creams Are Always Effective

Just like all anti-wrinkle creams aren’t created equal, they also aren’t equally effective. Generally, products with the highest amount of active ingredients have the greatest efficacy. Others just use outrageous claims to lure customers who spend their money hoping for miraculous results. In 2015, the FDA issued warning letters to various manufacturers regarding bogus claims they use on the labels including “clinically proven results” and others. This just means that before you buy the anti-wrinkle cream, you should ensure the manufacturer has the evidence to support the claim i.e. if results are clinically proven then the official website should provide the results of those clinical trials. Additionally, always check the list of ingredients and make sure the formula has retinol, Vitamin C, hydroxy acids, tea extracts, peptides, and so on.


You Only Need Anti-Wrinkle Cream To Minimize Wrinkles

One of the most popular myths regarding anti-wrinkle creams is that once you buy this product your worries are over and there’s nothing else you should do. That’s wrong! To minimize the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging, you have to make certain lifestyle tweaks. Physical activity, healthy diet, stress management, getting enough sleep, is essential for a youthful look. It’s also necessary to apply sunscreen regularly and stay hydrated throughout the day. Why? It’s because your skin reflects the lifestyle. Unhealthy lifestyle contributes to lifeless, dull, wrinkle-prone skin while healthy lifestyle is responsible for a healthy glow. Skin’s wrinkle-free appearance is the result of all these factors working together. For desired results, you have to pair your anti-wrinkle cream with wiser lifestyle choices.

Men Don’t Use Anti-Wrinkle Creams

When you think of anti-wrinkle creams, you tend to assume only women use these products. And for so long, skincare industry was reserved for ladies primarily. However, those days are gone because men care for their skin as much as women do (although they probably won’t admit it) which is why there is a broad range of products formulated specifically for men and needs of their skin. Anti-wrinkle creams aren’t exception, magazines like Men’s Health and others even publish articles about best products of this type that men can use.

Only Older People Use Anti-Wrinkle Creams


How many times have you shrugged in disbelief when someone in their 30s purchased an anti-wrinkle cream? You’re not alone; to most people; it’s only natural to use these items when they’re older. But that’s not the case. Depending on heredity and other factors, you might develop wrinkles earlier than assumed. That’s why some scientists and dermatologists recommend you should start using anti-wrinkle creams in the late 20s or early 30s and this way you’ll prevent deep wrinkles from forming and slow down the progression of different signs of aging.

Top Anti-Wrinkle Creams Work Instantly

Expectations are always high for top anti-wrinkle creams. They tend to be pricier, and it’s not surprising when men and women assume they’ll be more efficient or results will appear faster. First, you should know that price isn’t the real indicator of the product’s efficacy. Some expensive items don’t work while cheaper options do. Secondly, wrinkles and fine lines didn’t appear over night on your face. It might seem to you like those lines popped up while you were sleeping, but they’re the result of a longer process. That’s why you can’t expect your anti-wrinkle cream to work instantly. This is where most people make a mistake; they don’t see signs of improvement and stop using the product. Results come with regular use according to the instructions.

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Anti-wrinkle creams and other products are associated with different myths that this article debunked. Educating about various products, researching the ingredients, and trying to learn as much as possible sets you up for success that comes with choosing the right product.

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