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Nearly Half of Young Men Say They’ve Had ‘Unwanted’ Sex

New research indicates that women can rape men: 18% of the participants reported to have been physically forced to have sex with women against their wishes.

The study comes to openly challenge the widely held assumptions relating to coercion, gender, and sexual assault. In reference to a publication in the American Psychological Association Journal, Psycho of Men and Masculinity, 43% of high school and college men reported to have had “unwanted sexual contacts,” 95% of these indicating that they were provoked by a woman.

The study was conducted among 284 young men and 18% reported of sexual coercion by force, 31% said they were verbally provoke in to sex, and 26% said they were familiar with “unwanted seduction” by female sexual partners. 50% of those surveyed claimed that they ended up having sex against their will, with 10% saying that sex was attempted, and 40% said they were coerced from kissing and fondling than ensued.

Dr. Brayan French, who teaches black studies and counseling psychology at he University of Missouri, who co-authored the study, says that male victims are often less willing to give details about sexual coercion, but would say it happened if they were asked so.

Understanding the erectile aspect of sex

According to French, the study defined “sex” as vaginal, oral, and anal, and that it was not possible that the sex didn’t involve an erection. She also said that it was difficult for men to get an erection even if they were not interested in having sex. Noting that sometimes when women are experiencing sexual violence, their bodies respond in different ways that don’t correspond to their feelings. French said that they can not want the experience to occur, even if their bodies responded otherwise.

Although the survey sample was relatively small, she is hopeful that her research will help in upending people’s assumption about sexual violence and gender. She acknowledged that it is an unfortunate myth that a man can’t be raped by a woman. She noted that men are victimized too and this doesn’t mean denying the gendered impact of sexual violence.

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