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Nurse Suspected With Ebola Stirs Strict Quarantine Policies

Nurse Kaci Hickox has tested negative for Ebola virus prompting a judge in Maine to reject a bid for strict quarantine against her.

Now, this has became a major grounds for arguments against U.S. states that are imposing strict quarantines on the health workers coming back to the country from one of the Ebola-hit West African countries.

Maine Governor Paul LePage is not particularly happy about the order of Maine District Court chief judge Charles LaVerdiere, but he said he would abide by the ruling.

The issue will still be in effect up to next week, which means it is not yet legally closed.

Last Thursday Hickox defied the quarantine order by taking a bike ride, which prompted the governor to impose strict quarantine through the courts.

Canada and Australia are the first developed nations to bar entry against people coming from these West African countries.

Now that fear has spread across the U.S., politicians in the country are also looking to come up with the same travel ban.

This has turned Ebola into a political issue instead of a public health question.

But in America, only New York doctor, Craig Spencer, is being treated for the virus, as he tested positive after coming back from taking care of Ebola patients in West Africa.

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