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Real Reasons Why Women Are Obsessed With Extreme Exercise

It seems like jogging and lifting weights in the gym are becoming obsolete exercises. More and more people are posting Instagram and Facebook pictures about how hard they are training for triathlons and crossfit competitions.

Recent studies found that women who are into these extreme exercises aren’t doing it simply to lose weight or stay fit and healthy. These people might be doing it for some deeper reasons.triathlon_001_2299786b

Here are some of the leading real reasons why more women are addicted to extreme exercises:

Control Issues. According to a study to be published in the US Journal of Consumer Research, women who feel like they are at loss of control look for products that need hard work. This makes them think that they are in control of the positive outcomes in their lives. The more overwhelmed you are with the external factors in your life, the harder you want to work to feel in control.stressed_2580348c

Sense of Control Removes Stress. The sense of control you get from working hard in your extreme exercise can actually cure your stress. The self-empowerment brought by this control gives you a feeling of certainty, which takes away your anxiety. It also boosts your self-worth for others and most especially for yourself.Military-fitness_2861250c

Social Media Presence. A lot of women want to post the best pictures online to improve the image they want other people to perceive of them – yes, it kind of superficial. The pressure to keep up with the many people posting fitness images in their accounts pushes others to do those extreme exercises.

Masochistic Psychology. Some women want to punish themselves through working out too much. Some wants to punish themselves for eating too much, or perhaps for some deeper darker reasons. This is one of the dangerous reasons for doing extreme exercises.bridget_2742236c

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