5 Reasons You Should Never Say ‘No’ to a Clinical Trial

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Last Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Significant developments in medical research have increased the longevity of people’s lives, improved their quality of living, and helped in the treatment and cure of diseases.

And what do you think helped in such massive improvements in healthcare?

It has been possible only because people have willingly volunteered to participate in the decentralized clinical trials conducted every now and then to gather raw information.

But why are clinical trials so important?

And, why should you not miss an opportunity to participate in one?

To know the answers to these questions, keep reading.

Some Reasons for You to Participate in Clinical Trials

Clinical trials give you an opportunity to stay at the forefront of leading-edge medical treatments. Patients get a rare chance to experience and be a part of medical research that can change the picture of healthcare in the future.

Did you know that all the standard treatments that are used today originated from such clinical trials?

There are many benefits of participating in clinical trials that you must know. Let’s have a look at them.

Clinical Trials Are Necessary for Medical Advancements

Without clinical trials, there can be no major breakthroughs in the field of science and medicine. Experimental trials are required to know the effectiveness of a medicine or treatment process. Without them, the effects of the treatment on the patients or researchers cannot be properly evaluated.

Clinical Trial

Clinical analysis. Image/Pixabay

The outcomes of these trials determine the safety and viability of the medicine or treatment before it can be administered to the public. Without your active cooperation, these treatments cannot be developed, and the decisions cannot be concluded effectively.

A Diverse Group of Patients Is Required

To perform large medical studies, data has to be gathered across a very wide range of diverse groups of individuals. In fact, the more diverse a pool of participants is, the more details regarding the success or failure of the treatments can be gathered and analyzed.

Most importantly, YOU are crucial to the success of clinical trials and studies. No matter what your age, gender, medical background, race, or personality is, you are a valuable asset for the development of medical research.

You Get a Free Health Check-Up

Yes, it may sound funny, but a major personal benefit of participating in clinical trials is getting a comprehensive general health check-up absolutely at no cost. You also do not require any insurance to participate in such trials. In fact, you can become among the chosen few to witness the benefits of the new treatment or medicine.

Before a clinical trial is performed, all the relevant details and the medical background of a patient need to be recorded. Hence, you can rest assured that you will receive the latest healthcare facilities when you participate in a clinical trial and continue to receive the care for a long term to study the effects of the new medicine or treatment for an extended period.

You Can Improve the Lives of Others

By far, the most rewarding part of taking part in a clinical assessment is knowing that your participation can help the lives of many more people currently suffering from the mental or physical illnesses concerned. And, if you yourself are suffering from such a disease, your assistance not only benefits you but also others like you.

Clinical Trial

Testing in labs. Image/Pixabay

By participating in these trials, you help in preventing, diagnosing, and curing large groups of people, including your family, friends, and other near and dear ones. With your participation, you are making a big contribution to the improvement of existing treatments and helping in bringing the new medicines one step closer to reaching patients worldwide.

Clinical Trials Are Perfectly Safe

Many people have the notion that clinical trials can be quite dangerous, especially because the treatments or medicines used are not yet approved by the relevant healthcare bodies. Such notions are entirely false and can serve as a deterrent to the development of medical research and the discovery of new treatment procedures.

All trial medications need to pass the rigorous FDA standards before they can be used or tested on clinical trial participants. These medicines have already passed the initial lab tests and are safe to be applied to us. Therefore, you are not in harm’s way when undergoing such a trial.


Patients undergoing a clinical trial are cared for in the same way as normal patients undergoing standard treatments. Participating in clinical trials is voluntary, and you are entitled to your rights regarding whether or not you want to try out the new medicines.

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