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Red Flags That Say You’re Aging Too Fast

Aging is a process. Just like everything else, it’s a process that takes time. If you think time seems to be in a fast forward mode because you’re aging too fast, that’s a red light and may warrant a physician’s appointment right away. If you think you feel weaker than you’re supposed to and that you’re aging before your time, here are other signs you need to look out for that will help establish your fears that you really are aging faster than the normal rate.

1. Forgetful than the usual. It’s normal to forget where you placed the keys and forget where you actually use it for, but if you thinks it’s more than the usual, that’s a sign of aging. Remember that time when you ask your grandma about your neighbor who lived two houses down and all she can respond with is a quite nod and a blank stare? If you have reached that kind of mental state, you are definitely aging. It’s not a sign to panic but if it affects your relationship with your loved ones and they are worrying about your welfare, go see the doctor. Forgetful-man

2. Constipation. this is not isolated symptom to aging and each and every one of us gets to feel this once in a while. Studies have shown though that constipation is one of the frontrunners of aging as two in every five older adults get to experience this every year. It could also mean you have diabetes and you’re just not aware of it.acidity-main1

3. Dull skin tone. No it’s not your daily exposure to dirt and bacteria that caused it. sometimes its aging. If you begin to look older than you’re actual age because of dull and uneven skin tone, perhaps it’s time you start paying attention to it more than you do to your wrinkles. Unusual dull skin tones could signify you have Kidney problems. dull-skin

4. Bloodshot eyes. Tired eyes could mean you have arthritis. It doesn’t always mean you didn’t get enough rest or that you were reading an article in front of the computer the whole day.bloodshot-eyes-1

5. Dry mouth. This could be a result of medications, or bad habits like smoking , or it could be caused by autoimmune diseases. Other unknown cause could be sleep apnea.  67856

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