Signs of Low Sperm Count | How To Improve Low Sperm Count

What is Low Sperm Count

When you ejaculate seminal fluid during orgasm, and the content holds few spermatozoa than normal, then it is low sperm count condition. Many terminologies in the discussion of low sperm count often tend to contradict other terms associated with male reproductive health. However, most older adults and seniors in independent living or homecare will agree that a low sperm count is inevitable.

What is apparent is there are steps a man takes to prevent this low sperm count condition, and male reproductive health is a top-priority issue. Azoospermia is the absence of sperm in seminal fluids; this no-sperm count condition is different from low sperm count. The case of a man having lower than 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen is considered abnormal.

Couples often worry at the discovery of a low sperm count as this affect the psychology of men. But, they men should know that poor sexual performance is not the same with low sperm count. You can still retain your high libido, and the quality and quantity of sperm in your seminal fluid is low. Also, change in diet, underwears, pills, and sexual practices are helpful in the treatment of low sperm count.

Medical causes of Low Sperm Count

  • Sexually transmitted infection: Sexually transmitted infections can lead to diseases that cause glow sperm count in men and create some damages to the testicles. Some infections that have links with low sperm count condition are gonorrhea, HIV, syphilis, and many more. Also, inflammation of sexual reproductive organs like orchitis, and epididymitis are dangerous to reproductive health in men.
  • Retrograde ejaculation: Dry orgasm also referred as retrograde ejaculation is a prevailing medical cause of male infertility. This condition is a reversal of sperm into the bladder because of malfunctioning bladder sphincter.
  • Besides, there are blood pressure medications that create retrograde ejaculations in men, and this can only be treated in some cases. Other causes of dry orgasm are an enlarged prostate, spinal cord injuries, diabetes, and many more.
  • Varicocele: Male testicles can lose its fluid content and shrink in size when there is a medical condition of swollen veins in the scrotum.
  • In most cases, Varicocele affects the quality of sperm that a sufferer will produce. Doctors believe that abnormal testicular temperature has links with Varicocele, and inhibits the quality of sperms.

Other medical causes of low sperm counts include; non-malignant tumors, cancerous cells, and antibodies that attack sperm cells by mistake; thinking these sperm cells are invaders. Cryptorchidism is a medical condition whereby a testicle hasn’t moved into its the scrotum and might be in the abdomen. An undescended testicle, Celiac disease, hormonal imbalances, contraceptive medications, blockages and defect in tubules that convey sperm can distort the fertility level in men.

Environmental Causes and Harmful Effects of Low Sperm Count

Environmental pollutants and chemicals emission into the atmosphere are not only harmful but can result in low sperm counts. The effects of a low sperm count condition are as follows.

  • When the condition of low sperm count is connected with low levels of the prolactin hormone
  • there is a major loss of facial hair. Hormonal deficiency in the pituitary gland controls the production of hair.
  • A person who has low sperm count sometimes have lean muscles. The Klinefelter syndrome and genetic factors that affect a man’s pituitary gland are noticed in men with low sperm count. These medical conditions cause a lack of muscular development.
  • The main effect of low sperm count is an inability to impregnate your partner within a year of trying to conceive.

Sperm production or function can be affected by overexposure to certain environmental elements, including exposure to benzenes, herbicides, pesticides, radiation, and heavy metal exposure.

Signs of Low Sperm Count

It is not difficult to rack your brain and say the impregnate your partner is an active sign of low sperm count. However, they are signs of low sperm count are not easily noticeable in cases of hormonal imbalance, and inherited chromosomal abnormality. These are some noticeable signs of a low sperm count condition.

Enlarged veins in the scrotum will cause sharp pains at first before they form lumps. Bedtime embarrassing moments of weak erection, low sex drives, and tiredness can also affect the quality of your sperm. Men with low sperm count have signs of chromosome abnormality, and sudden decrease in body and facial hair.

Lifestyle Causes of low sperm count

  1. Alcohol: Regular binging can affect the quality of sperms in your seminal fluid. Refrain from heavy and constant consumption of alcohol if you want to boost your sperms’ motility and morphology. Limit your alcohol intake when you plan to make babies.
  2. Weight: Clinical studies in time past have shown that overweight men are more than 32% likely to produce low sperm count and concentration than their normal-weight folks. A normal sperm count is about 48 million sperm per milliliter of semen- although the accepted range of a normal sperm count is between; 40 to 300 million sperm per milliliter of semen.
  3. Smoking: The regular use of cannabis, and cocaine as recreational drugs are detrimental to the rich quality of sperms. However, limiting and refraining from smoking cigarettes and cannabis for a long time might boost the quality of your sperm. Instead of smoking, exercise more and enjoy regular rest to boost sperm production. Young men often ask; does smoking weed lower sperm count? The quality and structure of spermatozoa (otherwise called motility and morphology respectively) are badly impacted when men smoke cannabis at least twice a week. Thus, the condition of a low sperm count is inevitable with these people except they take a long break from using cannabis, change their lifestyle or seek alternative therapy.

Other lifestyle causes of low sperm counts include; heat from tight clothing, infrared radiations, sitting in a position for long, and the heat from mechanical devices like a laptop computer cause low sperm counts. More so, the frequent spilling of sperm during sexual intercourse inhibits the growth of good quality sperms. It is normal to be anxious and have sex daily when couples plan to make babies. However, men can with high libido can experience infertility and sperm count increase with a change of sex pattern.


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