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Signs That You Have Diabetes While Ageing

As people grow older, they feel weaker, more sluggish, suffer from hearing loss, and even experience vision impairment. You might say it is normal among elders to experience these things, but some of these conditions may be symptoms for type 2 diabetes.

Hearing loss and vision impairment. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) reveals that people with diabetes have higher risk of suffering blurred vision and hearing loss. Diabetes has bad effects on the nerves and blood vessels, which includes those in your eyes and in your ears. High blood sugar can also alter the shape of your eye’s lens, which blurs your vision.

hearing_lossIrritability and Low Energy. Elder people may have lost the energy they used to have as youths. The lack of energy can make them grouchier. Our body needs energy from glucose, since diabetes can affect the proper distribution of glucose in the body, it could make you feel weaker and grouchier. Calories among overweight people with diabetes are not distributed properly, that’s why it is hard for them to lose weight.


Extreme Thirst and too much Urination. These look like signs of ageing. But the sugar in the blood of people with diabetes doesn’t get to the cells of their body, because it only stays in the bloodstream. The body flushes these sugars through urination, which makes the diabetic person extremely thirsty.


Unreasonable Weight Loss. People lose weight as they grow older, yes, but it could also mean diabetes. The body of a person with diabetes finds it hard to process the nutrition from the food they eat, and these nutrients only get flushed through urination. This is the main reason for the unexplainable weight loss.

Weird Symptoms. Since diabetes can damage nerves and blood vessels because of the excessive glucose that are unevenly distributed, you may suffer unusual symptoms, including feeling of numbness and tingling, dryness and itchiness of skin, and wounds may take longer to heal.


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