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SkinneePix App Helps People Look Thinner

Look Much Thinner With SkinneePix App When Taking Selfies: Is Good or Bad?

There is a new mobile app that has been designed to help people shed virtual weight when taking their own images. It may be a good idea to some since they would look less fat than they are, although to others, they would think of it as something not worth trying to encourage self-loathing and body image problems.

According to Reuters, the SkinnerPix app can be used for both Android and iPhone devices and promises 5 to 15 pounds, or 2 to 6 kg of virtual fat for a slimmer looking image. According to Susan Green, the co-founder of the Phoenix-based company Pretty Smart Women that came up with the app, cameras add additional weight to photos and that when you are taking a selfie, you will also be dealing with a bad lighting, angles, close-ups and many other factors which make people complain that the image isn’t an accurate representation of themselves.

The app was initially created to help overweight or obese adults to showcase a slimmer version of their bodies, although it’s co-founder, Robin J Phillips said that it can also assist some individuals to shed some pounds.

Phillip said that it can serve as a good reminder to get off the couch, switch off the TV, and go for a walk. Currently, critics fear that the $1.99, which only works on single head shots, could just be encouraging unhealthy body image.

Lauren Dickson, a social worker from the Center for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto held that the app could have a say to a young adult developing an eating disorder.

Dickson also said that the media has some effects on people developing eating disorders, although it is the only variable. She said in an interview that it is one among many factors.

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