Stress: Symptoms and Treatment

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Last Updated: Jul 29, 2016

Your body is well adapted in dealing wit high-anxiety situations. Immediately the levels of the stress hormones build up, several chemicals are secreted in your body, to help you in tackling the challenges as soon as possible.  Whereas this process can be beneficial psychologically and mentally, there can be noticeable changes in the skin, nails, and hair. Take it easy: these suggestions can help in the battle that stress may ignite.

Shedding of Hair

Automatically, your body responds directly by ensuring that the vital organs continue with normal function regardless of poor eating habits ensuring that it doesn’t exhaust essential resources on your hair.  Amy McMichael, the chair of the department of dermatology at Wake forest Baptist Medical, North California, says that follicles in the growing stage disappear immediately in to shedding and resting phase, a condition referred to as telogem effluvium.

Treatment: Hair loss can be caused by stress due to poor eating. You may undergo tests for B12, iron, zinc, and frettin proteins which are important in hair growth. Supplements may be suggested if diet turns out not to be the lone cause.

Graying of Hair

People with stressful careers, like the U.S. president, turns gray very fast. Researchers are yet to come up with the exact cause. In reference to researchers at New York University Scholl of Medicine, physical stress, like burning your hand, causes melanocytes, the stem cells that determine hair color, and other regenerative processes to move to other body parts.

Treatment: Although there is no known way to reverse graying, latest home, and salon colorants have an oil-based delivery method that aids in masking silver strands by increasing dye penetration.

Rugged Nail Cuticles and Tips

Stress doesn’t directly affect the strength thickness of nails. However, people ease stress through nail biting or picking the cuticles causing long-term damages.  These include swelling, inflammation, and infection which in turn makes nails to have grooves and bumps. Biting can lead to weakening of nails leading to altered shapes and growth abilities.

Treatment: Regularly apply squeeze of an antibiotic ointment to keep off infection. Use treatments like CND SolarOil if they are ragged. Go for long-term gel manicure if you are accustomed to nail biting.

Grooved Nail Bends

Dietary changes arising from stress can make the nails to end growing. However, stress can cause deep and harmless bends on nails after about three months.

Treatment: Lifting of the nail bed and smoothing out on its own is possible after some time. Make use of rigid-filling coat such as Deborah Filler Base Coat.


Researcher at the Stanford University School of Medicine found out that acne conditions become worse during exams. This is as a result of raised glucose levels which increase sebum production reducing the skins ability to shield inflammation.

Treatment: Just like regular acne, stress-induced acne responds to the same treatments approaches. If you find that the OTC products are not helpful, look for a prescription drug at your doctor’s consent. This can be a topical that contains retinoid.

Wrinkles and Fine Lines

These occur due to an increase in blood sugar as a result of cortisol and adrenaline secretions. The sugar raises the molecules in collagen, which is responsible for skin structure. Eventually, your skin becomes a little brittle.

Treatment: Wrinkles and fine lines on the skin occur naturally with age but changes in diet can slow down the process. All you are required to do is cut down carbohydrates to make your blood sugar stable. You can as well go for the effective traditional anti-aging treatments. Alternatively, peptide- or retinol-containing products give new collagen, and antioxidants get rid off free radicals that cause skin damages.

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