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Survey Reveals Gay Population Statistics in America

Simply fewer than 2 percent of Americans say they are gay or lesbians and simply less than 1 percent say they’re bisexual. The principal government well being study to take a gander at the inquiry of sexuality finds that 96.6 percent of Americans pronounce they are hetero, or straight. An alternate 1 percent won’t say. The review by the National Center for Health Statistics shows critical contrasts in well being dangers, likewise. Individuals who say they are gay, lesbian or bisexual are likewise more prone to smoke and hit the bottle hard. Anyway they likewise practice more than straight Americans.

Straight Americans

The study found that 26 percent of gays and lesbians smoke, contrasted with 18 percent who distinguished as straight and 29 percent of bisexual. Furthermore 33 percent of gay people say they had five or more beverages in a solitary day over the previous year — the formal meaning of episodic drinking — contrasted with 22 percent of straight individuals and about 40 percent of bisexuals. Be that as it may gay individuals are fitter, NCHS’s Brian Ward and partners found. The review discovered 56 percent of gays or lesbians met the government rules for activity — 30 minutes a day of vigorous activity — contrasted with 49 percent of straight people.

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