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The Do’s and Don’ts To Have an Amazing Skin

There’s only one secret to having an amazing skin and that is remember all the complicated do’s and don’ts. The harsh environment and your hectic lifestyle are major contributors to any breakout. However, skin’s most formidable foe is aging. Simply put, to protect your skin from aging, you just have to lose the old skin scrubbing products that worked when you were 20 years old.603885

IN YOUR 20’s.

DO. This is the perfect time for you to start on anti-aging creams and eye creams. It’s called a foundation in its original meaning (not the beauty product). It prepares your skin for the beating it will get as you age everyday.

DON’T. If you have a good cleansing routine, don’t dare forget it especially if it’s effectively doing these processes: cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize.Green-Leafy-Vegetables-in-Diet

DO. Nothing’s more effective than what you put inside your mouth so make sure it’s healthy and green. A daily green leafy vegetable recipe can work wonders on your skin that will last even after your menopausal phase.

IN YOUR 30’s.

DO. Peptides and good serum will address dehydrated problems that cause deepening of expression lines. Home-Remedies-for-Oily-Skin

DON’T. Forget products with ten ingredients to treat one aging skin problem.

DO. Dry Brush every morning. This ritual exfoliates the body, stimulates collagen production, and maintains overall skin elasticity.

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