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Future of Virtual Reality Fitness Would Lie on This Gaming Accessory

Virtual reality systems, especially the latest ones, are providing new immersive gaming experience with stunning imagery. But looking beyond gaming, Realm has developed Realm System, a world first gaming system using resistance to deliver an immersive physical experience. Realm System comes in the form of a resistance accessory which woks seamlessly with Oculus Rift.

Realm System is attached to the user’s hands and waist and works with the Kinect camera to track movements, while the Oculus rift lets the user see their corresponding actions in virtual reality.

Realm System is great for physical exercise because it actually forces the user to exert energy when, for example, they are using an axe to attack virtual ogres, and while driving a VR racing car, the Realm System can also make you feel the tension of a resistant steering wheel.

In one demonstration video, the company behind Realm System shows user wearing the Oculus Rift and using a sword to defeat virtual zombies. In another video, there is a boxer using the devise without a virtual reality helmet and engaging in an onscreen boxing match.

This means that you can still benefit from the Realm System even if you are not a fan of VR and you have only a Kinect.

The missing element in most virtual reality systems like Oculus Rift is touch, and this is what Realm System adds just the same way Virtuix Omni treadmill does. But it goes beyond that. Remember Virtuix Omni treadmill only adds a walking component, while Realm System adds another physical dimension and is a tool that can really give you a thorough workout – it is something that will provide an answer to all your fitness needs.

Future Of Virtual Reality Fitness

Realm System measures energy expenditure whilst using resistance and creates a very a physical experience that is very immersive and with health benefits. The controllers are hand-held and they include sensors that track both hand and body movements very accurately, measuring accelerations, positions, and orientations. The system uses a unique algorithm that uses resistance to deliver incredibly accurate biometric information such as power and force.

This ability to measure a player’s own power fundamentally changes the way games are played. From real-time display of effort during exercise to hands-on gameplay, it immerses users like never before.

The company is currently taking early orders for Realm System on Kickstarter for about $200. When the target is met, delivery of the product will be in September.

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