The Truthful Hazards of Your Favorite Beauty Treatments

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Last Updated: Jan 18, 2016

Beauty, no matter how ridiculous to some this may sound, is always the euphemism for pain or discomfort. As every keen beauty advocate would say, “No Pain, No Gain”. But unto what extent should women sacrifice for beauty? There are thousands of beauty products and beauty treatments in the market for modern women but all of these, save for a few some maybe, always carry greater risks that put harm on women’s health. Is the modern woman willing to pay the price.

Here are some of the most favorite beauty treatments that carry dangers and what alternatives should be chosen to avoid the health red flags:

1. Gel Manicures. The rave for designed mani- pedis these days go over the roof. More and more younger women are getting hooked with this latest beauty treatment obsession. Unknown to many, gel manicures carry the risk of exposure to UV radiation, a cancer evoking matter through the toaster-like machine you have to stick your gel polished hands into. To save yourself from such hazard, it would be best to slather SPF 30 on your hands before you start the appointment. That way, you reduce the risk of acquiring melanoma.028

2. Botox. It does not only look painful, it carries the risk of botulism exposure. However, this claim is a myth according to a Dermatologist in New York, Dr. Heidi Waldorf. She said Botox treatments have better safety record than the drug aspirin. She warns though that before you get a treatment, you must make sure that you’re not getting the counterfeit products. She also said it’s better to avoid the bargain Botox promos.yourlife-botox-260612010

3. Hair smoothing treatments. Brazilian blowouts were the fad in 2011 because of its really effective hair smoothing effect. But it quickly lost its popularity because of the claim that one of its ingredients is formaldehyde in liquid form. A Brazilian blow out treatment activates the formaldehyde by heat and it vaporizes, making it very dangerous for those who get to inhale it. Studies have shown that long term exposure to such is toxic to the nervous system and in some instances may cause cancer. To save yourself from such hazard, might as well ask for a different product. If you want to do it in a salon, always demand for a ventilator.abc_gma_canning_101105_wg

4. Spray tans. These were designed to be creams, not aerosols on bodies itching for beach parties. As an aerosol, it is toxic when inhaled. To avoid the hazard, make sure you hold your breath while being sprayed at and make sure you only do it once to twice a month.Spray-Tanning

5. Eyelash extensions. Kristin Chenoweth was a victim of the hazard of this beauty treatment. The glue used to stick the fake hair on the eyelash was spiked with formaldehyde and it caused irritation on the star’s sensitive skin. According to Cherise Morris, the founder of Elite Lash Studio, lash extensions poses no danger as long as it is applied by accredited and highly experienced lash techs. Morris advises against sessions done under two hours and under $100.IMG_48251

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