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UK Prime Minister takes big action against Dementia

UK Prime Minister David Cameron in a London summit said that there is a need for a big action to beat dementia, which he said is one of the leading enemies of humanity.

He pledged to speed up the progress by raising the funds for the innovation and production of drugs against dementia.

Cameron was talking to some 300 experts who promised to look for a cure for dementia by 2025. He assigned a group of experts to report to him on October about how to encourage drug companies to develop new and more effective medicines for dementia.

People should realise that dementia is a disease and it should be understood so that it can be tackled appropriately. According to Cameron, it should be considered as a disease instead of a natural stage of ageing.

More dementia drugs should be developed and it should be readily accessible for more patients, Cameron said. To make that possible, increased budget for further research and stronger international collaboration is required.

He said, only £52 million is spent on dementia every year, which is a small amount compared to the allocation for cancer at £590 million.  It is important to improve hospitals and care homes to treat and provide a friendly community for people suffering from dementia. This will make it easier for experts to understand how people with dementia live.

According to recent data, the UK government provided £52 million for research on dementia back in 2013, and has pledged to raise it to £66 come 2015. Meanwhile, for every one scientist working on dementia, six are working on cancer.

The biggest research on dementia so far is the £100 million-worth campaign of Alzheimer’s Research UK with the Medical Research Council. Cameron appointed Dennis Gillings as the world dementia envoy. According to Gillings, if global leaders will not take a step to encourage businesses to invest on dementia research through incentive programs, then it would be close to impossible to find a cure by 2025.

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