7 Ways to Cure Your Acne Without Medication

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Last Updated: Nov 7, 2016

We all know how important it is to take care of your overall health. And we all know how any skin condition can be pretty aggravating and hard to settle out. There are a lot of skin conditions for example rashes caused by allergies, of which some are more and some less serious. Probably the most common one is acne vulgaris. All people that have experienced acne or pimples on their face or another part of body know how irritating it is. Plus if you do not treat this condition the right way you might even worsen it. A lot of people wonder what are the causes of acne, and we can tell you that there are multiple, with the most important being bad diet, stress, and low hygiene. If we take into consideration how common it is to experience acne both chronic and acute it is important to see what is the best way to cope with it. Now, if you consult a dermatologist he will probably prescribe you some medication, and that might settle the condition depending on how serious it is. But could you approach the treatment through natural way using only home remedies?

What should you avoid when it comes to acne treatment?

So before we discuss if and how can natural treatment help you cope with acne condition it might be good to see what are the most common mistakes that people make when it comes to this:

  • A lot of people think that the more products they try out and use the better. This is wrong for two reasons. If you keep on changing the treatment product after 1 or 2 days, you are not giving it a chance to have any effect on your skin condition.
  • It is pretty common that people once they see an acne or a pimple start over-washing and over-cleansing their skin. And again this is not good. You must realize that acne does not come from dirt, so too much of washing won’t help
  • If you are already buying a product for which you believe that will solve your condition, see if you have oily skin or a sensitive one and choose the product according to that. If you are not sure what one is, the right fit for you consults with a pharmacist or a dermatologist.
  • Also, a lot of people think that popping a pimple will solve the problem, and that is wrong once again. First, you have to be pretty careful if you are already doing that as you might cause further infection, and the pimple has a root inside the skin, and you are not removing that one.

Now that we see that there are a lot of things that you could be doing throughout a treatment for acne and that are harming you, with few being related to medication and treatment products, we should see if there is a way that you treat this condition in a natural way.

Treatment For Acne

7 ways to cure acne without medication

There are few natural ways mostly being home remedies that you might practice to treat an acne problem:

1. Healthy balanced diet
You should be changing your diet and arranging a healthy and balanced one. So your best chance is to cut out on the refined foods like sugar, greasy processed meat and white flour products, and increase the intake of fruits and vegetables. Eating a lot those will aid you in achieving smooth and healthy skin as these include a lot of minerals and vitamins like A and D. Furthermore, eat fish on weekly basis as it contains a lot of Omega 3 fatty acids, and be sure to have a lean protein meal at least once a day.

2. Homemade remedies – cleansers
Also, you should be applying homemade cleansers. Use of coconut oil is pretty common when it comes to skin problems. All you have to do is to apply some on your face in the evening, and it will do a miracle as it is both antibacterial and antioxidant. Plus it can regulate hormonal imbalances. The same thing is with the tea tree oil which has found its way among the skin care fanatics. Thus, dissolve it in a certain amount of water and put it on your face. You can also make mask from honey and oatmeal/cornmeal and let it sit on your face for about 20 minutes. After that gently rub your face and rinse it with lukewarm water.

3. Use of herbs and spices
Aloe Vera is excellent to use when it comes to skin health so you can apply the gel on your face on daily basis. There is also the Sea Salt treatment where you gently rub in the Sea Salt in the place with acne condition, wait for 30 minutes and after that wash with lukewarm water. Apparently the minerals that this salt contains help regulate hormonal imbalances and affect the sebum production, thus lowering the occurrence of acne and pimples. You could also apply St. John’s wort oil as it is good both when it comes to redness and rashes caused by an infection or allergies as well with the acne vulgaris condition. Herbs and spices like turmeric and chamomile might be good to try out as well, including them in your homemade mask.

4. Steaming
As a part of home treatment you might want to try out the steaming method as well. You heat up few liters of water in a pot put some herbs like turmeric or chamomile in it, and aim that steam covers your face for few minutes. This has been proven to open up the pores and remove the dirt that has been collected as well. After that you might want to go and take a cold shower as this will close the now cleaned and fresh pores, and will make it hard that dirt collects any time soon.

5. Acupuncture


Apparently practicing acupuncture from time to time will help when it comes to acne treating. Acupuncture helps regulate the hormonal imbalances, and that is all that matters when it comes to acne condition, as these appear as a consequence of the over activity of certain glands.

6. Less stress and anxiety
Not to forget, you should try to reduce stress as that one is the main trigger of any skin condition. Try taking the problems in life like a normal occurrence and do not stress out about every thing. Also relax at least 30 minutes on daily basis, and try to have 90 minutes of exercise on weekly basis as well. The best type is yoga or aerobics as those are both good for physical and mental health. You will see that as soon as you feel calmer and more relaxed, the acne and pimples will go away by themselves. Do not forget to drink a lot of water as it will help your body flush out the toxins!

7. Daily hygiene
In the end, be sure to maintain a regular hygiene showering every day, but use the gels that have a lower pH balance. Also opt away from applying alcohol on your skin, unless it is for disinfection. And you might want to change the pillow sheets every week or so and put a towel on your pillow just for hygiene purposes.

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Yes, acne and pimples are irritating, and yes these might be hard to get rid off, but it is possible. Before opting for any medication or drug use you might want to try some natural ways as these are always healthier and better for your overall health. Of course, even when treating make sure that you do it in the balance as too much of any remedy or product might have a contradictive effect. In the end, if nothing works consult a doctor or dermatologist, and let him guide you through next steps that will result in you having a clean and acne-free skin once again!

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