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Weight Loss – Motivation Story

Jessica Compise made up a great decision to go for diet-hunt two years ago: her initial intention was to serve as an example for her two little daughters. In her journey, it became so much more than just noticing weight loss.

The 29-year-old mother has shed 120 pounds through the assistance of a program known as Take Shape for Life in the company of her two best friends who turned out to be her health coaches.

Compise said it was not all a simple journey but there were a lot of ups and downs, adding that the downs served as learning moments. She noted that she kept changing the ways she felt about eating, learning that it was fuel for the body and nothing to affects her emotions. She said that she started to believe in herself and it dawned to her she could provide much for her family with some help.

In the first year, she lost 40 pounds, which appeared as a slow start. She decided to try the benefits of a structured eating plan and additional motivation tools that her coaches offered. She discovered vegetables, fruits and whole grains and other advantages of eating small meals frequently. She avoided pops and took water instead. In place of going to McDonalds, She opted to eat lean proteins prepared at home.

During the second year, she lost 80 pounds and that’s when Compise realized that her “non-scale” worries were crucial just like she continued losing weight. She could sleep well too. She said that during their honeymoon, she went to the store in the company of her new husband to buy earplugs since she snored so loud. She said that she felt embarrassed recalling that she now sleeps much better.

She also noticed that driving became easier adding that she no longer needs to recline the seat.

Noting that she is now a good example to her kids, she said she feels better and can fit in any clothes she wants, and also has the energy to play around with them.

Once she was close to shedding 100 pounds, Compise wrote out a list detailing 100 ways that turned around her life both physically and emotionally and posted it on Facebook. After it was spotted by KING5 Television’s Joyce Taylor, she requested Compise to share her story on the TV’s morning news broadcast.

The TV appearance gave her a chance to pay forward support she received from her coaches, noting that they were vital to her success. She was later contacted by a woman who was inspired by Compise’s weight loss struggles. Compise has become the health coach to this woman, who has managed to lose 90 pounds and about 25 others who want to begin their treks to weight loss.

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