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Weight Loss Balloon You Can Swallow

There is a new capsule helping people lose 20 to 30 pounds in months without surgery. However, you must leave the country if you are an American to obtain it.

Described as one of the greatest development in the fight against obesity, Obalon is the world’s largest gastric balloon targeted to overweight individuals who can’t undergo traditional weight loss surgery.

In less than five minutes, the procedure is complete without the use of anesthesia or drugs. You only swallow a vitamin-sized pill containing a thin tube.

The balloon then inflates to the size of an apple inside your stomach, making you full. The balloon will decrease the amount of food a patient consumes to satiation and suppresses appetite.

You can swallow another capsule after less than a month once your stomach adapts to the appetite-suppressing effect. In three months treatment duration, you can only get a maximum of three pills.

Once the treatment comes to an end, doctors use an endoscopic procedure to deflate and remove the balloon through the patient’s mouth under sedatives.

A patient can lose up to 50% of their extra weight during the three treatment period, in reference to the company.

Despite the fact that Obalon is manufactured in San Diego, you can only get it in Mexico or Europe.

In U.S. the drug is still at pretrial tests and could possibly get approved by the FDA. However, FDA is yet to confirm its presence in the U.S. saying that it is still in the current/pending product applications.

Ora Verduzco travelled to have the pill after she found it on YouTube. She said that previous weight approaches proved futile and was not obese to qualify for a gastric surgery.

Dr. Ariel Ortiz, from Tijuana Obesity Control Center carried out the process that costs between $3,000 and $4,000. He is receiving hundreds of the capsule weekly.

“What we are looking at is very similar weight loss to gastric surgery, but, instead of a year and a half, we are obtaining results in three to four months,” Ortiz said.

Once you get the balloon implants, you should closely work with a nutritionist regarding diet and exercises. It is manned through the use of a Smartphone app and overeating will cause an illness.

Critics Comments

Some critics claim that the rapture of the device could cause blockage and the company clearly outlines that there could be injury to the stomach lining and spontaneous balloon deflation.

However, the ABC investigator talked to David Podkameni, bariatric surgeon at Banner Gateway Medical Center. He said that the rupturing of the device and causing blockage are similar to kinds of complications that occurred in the 1980s when the balloons were first introduced in to the market. He added that the balloons in the market are of better quality, but the root of the problem is the same.

The San Diego-based company that makes the capsule failed to respond to requests for comments.

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