The Most Cringe-Worthy Beauty Trends Of 2017 You Shouldn’t Miss

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Last Updated: Jan 5, 2018

Every year brings its own trends. Some will fade away soon while others sustain a little longer. But there are certain things that should not have become a “trend” in the first place! 2017 has brought in some bizarre beauty concepts that made us cringe rather than go “wow”.

As we approach the end of another year, let’s recall all those weird beauty trends and ruled Instagram and internet.

1. Faux Freckles

It is great that the young generation is more aware of the magic of “natural beauty” and are embracing it with open arms. But what’s with the false freckles? It has reached a point where companies are actually producing freckle pencils and freckle tattoos for those “unfortunate” souls who doesn’t have a freckle face. Like seriously?

2. Black Highlighter

This is another one beyond everybody’s understanding. In a world where fair complexion is the epitome of beauty, when did black highlighter became a thing? You cover one or more parts of your face in black color and call it a trend. I call that weird.

3. Neon Eyeliner

Right! So before you start bashing me saying that “Hey! That’s really cool”, let me tell you something. Yes. It is cool and fun! You will stand out of the crowd and in this dark world.

Quite literally! But is it practical? Imagine yourself in a meeting room with pink color eyeliner or rainbow color? This one has took the social media by storm but can we please see the end of it?

4. Fur Nails

Fur Nails

This one wins the title hands down! I mean, some of these trends lack logic. On one hand, men and women are being scrutinized for having hair on any of their body parts and on the other hand, THIS! Seriously? What if you need to take a quick shower, lick that BBQ sauce, or just scratch an itchy body part?

5. Squiggle brow

It is basically making your eyebrows look like they are drunk! And it is taking over Instagram. Luckily, people were not dumb enough to use tweezers and only used concealers.

It looks tolerable when done professionally! But if you see teenage girls and old mommies trying this out, you might want to look for a wall to bang your head!

6. Lollipop lips

Now, all you need to do is, apply double-coat on your lips. Just smear it to the outer edges and voila, you have got yourself lollipop lips! And trust me, they are a trend.

This has got us in a mixed feeling. First one is obviously WTH? But also, if somehow you ended up with a smeared lips, you look trendy instead of a knog!

7. Nose hair extensions

Yes! You read that one right. See I am all in for breaking all the stereotypes about what beauty should be. But this one is a little too much and needs a lot of time to get used to.

Basically, you can do it in two different ways. Either use a pencil to draw the extension or actually use an extension. Either way, it is creepy!



From face to hair to boobs to butt, 2017 celebrated glitter like never before. The process involves copious amounts of gel and fixative to make the mold. Some people also use gemstones to make it look really glittery.

How did they end up not getting rashes the next day? Well, I agree with the proverb “All glitters are not gold”. Anything and everything cannot and should not become a trend. Period!

9. Unicorns

Open your Instagram or snapchat for 5 minutes and you will at least see one unicorn. 2017 could be named as the official unicorn breakout year. People self-proclaimed themselves as unicorns and wore unicorn outfits.

This reflected on the beauty trend as well. From rainbow colored eyebrows, eyeliners, lipsticks to nails, unicorns were everywhere.

10. Pom-pom makeup

You stick cute, little, fluffy and colorful balls all over your face! Open #pompommess and you will find out exactly what I am talking about. I mean, you are well aware that it’s a mess but you do it anyway.

Some people even dared to place it around their eyes. Don’t ask me how they managed to open their eyes. I have no clue!

11. Ear makeup

Hey, that’s also part of your face you can ruin. Why spare them? Glittery ears, half-dipped ears, dotted years, this year has seen them all. The trend started in late 2016 and went full-fledged in 2017.

It made a positive statement in the beginning but overdoing and some bizarre designs made it to this list.

12. Candy floss hair

Candy floss hair

A sweet trend I must say. A sure-shot way to look like a COS-play dresser ALL-THE-TIME! With hair strands of different colors like pink, blue, yellow and purple, you are sure to look like a unicorn. But is it worth all the hype?

13. Pearl makeup

This is the “pearl” version of the pom-pom trend and no less weird than anyone. While I agree that it will look pretty and you will stand out of the crowd, is it something that can be done on a regular basis? I don’t think so.

14. Upside-down lashes

This is pretty simple and straightforward. Gorgeous, full and lush eyelashes – UPSIDE DOWN! A complete 180 – degree flip. Whether you go “Hell, Yeah” or “Hell, No”, they are picking up pace amongst the social media fashion butterflies.

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Well, internet never fails to amuse us, especially with beauty trends. For good or bad, 2017 has given us some rare and unexpected fashion flips. Some made us go wow while some others made us cringe.

Nonetheless, there is a major change in the course with bold and unusual fashion statements being made by both celebrities and commoners. 2017 has given us some precious gems and also a promise that 2018 is going to be truly epic. And that’s making me both excited and scared at the same time.

Adios 2017 and Hola 2018!

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