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What Really Happens When You Sun Bathe?

A recent study has found out sun bathing is addictive. Although this news is fairly recent, it adds weight to the claims that it is doing more harm than good, especially with minimal protection. However, it still does not stop sun worshippers to lie under the mighty heat of the sun and acquire the bronze color, which is the ‘in’ color for summer. That’s why it’s necessary to reapply sunscreen every time because even SPF 30 is not impenetrable of the UVB and UVA rays.

Other than becoming the beach bronze goddess, here are the actual things that happen when you lie or sit in the sun:

1. Damaged DNA. Tan is the body’s way of telling you your DNA is getting damaged because of the UVB rays that penetrated the bottom layer of your skin. Do not rejoice on your tan. You should do the opposite. Inside the layers of your skin, your DNA is getting toasted and your body is in a panic. That’s why you need to apply SPF 30.

2. Premature aging. If UVB breaks the DNA, UVA rays damage the skin’s collagen and elasticity. This kind of harmful effect is usually obtained when you go to tanning salons.

3. Sunburn + sunburn + sunburn = CANCER. Too much sunburn will cause skin cancer. Sunburn will automatically set your skin to repair mode. That’s the process where skin cells decide if they can still repair or the affected cell or not. When a damaged cell tries to repair itself then fails to, it will become a cancerous cell.

4. Fair skinned people are more susceptible to melanoma. Everyone can be inflicted with this skin malady but if you have fair skin, it only means your skin cannot make the proper melanin that protects you or your skin from the sun burn.

5. Freckles is synonymous to sun damage. Women who take birth control, constantly out in the sun, and do not use enough SPF are prone to getting melasma.

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