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Porch: Does Their Design Suits your Home?

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Last Updated: Jan 6, 2016

About Porch

The porch is a company that started from humble beginnings in Seattle in the basement of a house with a couple of friends and family belonging to Matt maintaining a list of professionals dealing with home improvements. The website maintains a database of millions of professionals whose specialty is the home improvement and connects them to clients. These professionals provide services ranging from plumbing, gutter cleaning, kitchen remodeling and much more.

Porch maintains a vibrant Porch blogger community that informs trains and keeps the members abreast of matters regarding keeping your home in good shape. The bloggers showcase their work and feature their best offers while appealing to clients. It uses Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter pages to give tips and tidbits on how homeowners can have great improvements in their homes.

Users register and maintain an account with Porch to pay for the “Provided Services” displayed on the website. Clients should provide personal information including credit card payment details. All the billable charges are provided to you each time you request for services or products inclusive of applicable tax, cancelation fees, and any other terms.

The payment plan is as follows

  • Customers must create an account with Porch.
  • They should agree to use the “Pro Services” for eligibility.
  • Once you have chosen the services or products, you are informed of the bill inclusive of all other charges such as taxes and other applicable terms.
  • Payments are due upon provision of services or products
  • Porch facilitates payments on behalf of the professionals offering the services or their agents

Provided Services information and claims about Porch

Porch.com main goal of providing quality professionals inspires homeowners to improve their homes. The website endeavors to accelerate quality products and services to ensure the service Pros are offering the highest standard as possible. It encourages the customers to take up projects related to home improvements such as Carpet cleaning, flooring, roofing, pool installation and many others. A list of Pros with the location is also available meaning to ensure proximity to the service.

How Porch Works?

The porch is user-friendly. Customers go through projects they would wish to undertake in their homes such as kitchen remodeling. They then locate a professional by City or type. The customer registers to enable them to transact then agree to use the “Pro Services” an action equivalent to placing an order. A bill is generated inclusive of all the charges, taxes or any other terms of service. Payments are should be submitted as soon as the services or products are complete. They are then expected to pay via credit cards or another payment method that they had chosen.

Porch registers. Professional service providers who want to provide their products and services provided they agree to terms of Porch as a contractual agreement between them and Porch. Porch receives payments on behalf of their Pros or agents as per terms of agreements. They also mediate in cases of claims, complaints and questions about services and products on offer.

Composition of Porch

The porch consists of a battery of team members with varying experiences and professions ranging from regular hackers, pie bakers to DIY maniacs. Porch leadership consists of a CEO, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Finance Officer and a Chief of Staff. It has a board of director and investors.

Benefits of Porch

  • The company embraces teamwork as evidenced by a large team of professionals with varied maintains a database of millions of professionals whose specialty is the home improvement and connects them to clients. backgrounds working for it.
  • Customers have alternatives regarding the services and products they want.
  • The Porch bloggers can showcase their products and services to give the customers room to choose.
  • It interacts socially with its customers through social media giving those tips and tidbits about home improvement.
  • Mediate between customer and Pros through Porch Guarantee program. The pros profiles have a big yellow “G.”

Drawback of Porch

  • Claims are for unsuccessful jobs are limited to $1000
  • Porch guarantees are a just a “promise” Pros may not deliver the promise

Instructions on How to use Porch

It is simple as long as you online type the Porch’s web address. Find professionals or home projects you want to undertake. To enjoy the services register with Porch and choose the Products of your choice, and then agree to the terms of service to enable you access services and products. Agree on on the means of communication such as email to enable further commitment and discussions.


  • It maintains a database of millions of professionals whose specialty is the home improvement and connects them to clients.
  • The Porch website is by and large safe to use.

The Effects of Porch

There is a need to connect with professionals with a history especially who has a track record to guarantee quality.

Porch Consumer Review

1. The Porch Company does excellent work – both design & craftsmanship – and everyone is extremely professional. My projects were completed within budget. – gleneden

2. We love our Porch Company Porch. Nancy and her team were professional and easy to work with throughout the entire project. – Gail Eichelberger

Final verdict

Homeowners access products and services that would inspire them to improve their homes. Connecting customer and service providers are made easier through a website that avails many pros that help in improving homes from painters to lawn services. Porch bloggers also spice it all up by giving tips to customers on how to live comfortable in their homes. They have many Pros to choose from the list of many in the website. Customers have options when jobs are not successful since Porch can mediate on their behalf and pay for the cost in some instances up to $1000. There is a promise of guarantee to the quality of Pros offering services and products in Porch.

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