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This is How to Add Class to Your Home Décor using Black

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Last Updated: May 12, 2017

Black is not only attractive but also complements most shades that comprise the color palette in your house. Since the past, color black never seems to get out of style, particularly in the home. By creating contrast, black can make painted structures look bigger than usual and produce a cool home experience. To get a clearer sense of how its elegance can polish on your home, here are some ways to use black to add class to your home.

Use Black As An Accent

Instead of featuring black on a large piece of furniture, pick a black accent chair or accent table as a highlight and use this color as an accent throughout the entire room. An accent wall painted in black can add depth and drama which can easily make your space look bigger. Consider painting your living room black and contrast it with wall frames and décor accents in lighter shades.

Add Drama With Black Floor

Chances of the floor becoming inked or stained in your home are often high. To give a dramatic touch, add just a hint of blue to black paint to enhance its intensity. This is ideal in creating a midnight-blue hue tone which works very well when paired with black in a powder room. You can also paint your wooden stairs black or form a minimalistic living room using wooden bookcase. Apart from adding drama to your home, this will bring about that slightly extra impact you have been craving for in your house.

Black On Kitchen Cabinet

Black On Kitchen Cabinet
A great way to make your kitchen stand out is by painting the cabinets black. The color makes your kitchen cabinets look well-defined, modernized, and anesthetically attractive. A shiny polish will add glitter to your kitchen cabinets. Be prepared to make that contemporary statement.

Dining Room

Consider experimenting with black in combination with white in your dining room. For instance, think of a black dining table surrounded by white chairs or vice versa. It is a great way to make your dining space look elegant. You can also hang pendant lights over your dining table to see the dazzling effect it will create.


The bathroom happens to be the most neglected space by some homeowners. But it is ideal to let the classic combination of black and white work its magic. A combination of white and black tiles on your bathroom floor can make your bathroom amazing. You can give your bathroom a contemporary feel by adorning it with sconces and a chandelier. Black walls can also make your bathroom feel relaxing and stylish.

Collectibles and Group Arts

You can place photographs or colorful art on a black wall in your living room. If your home features sculpture on a wall or monochromatic art, the main focus becomes the floor of the art work which allows the texture, purity, and surface to reveal itself. You can also try the opposite using group black-themed collectibles, knickknacks, and photos on a wall of a lighter shade.
Collectibles and Group Arts

Black Wrought Iron

If your goal is to bring the outside in, try to incorporate wrought iron painted black into your interior design. Consider adding green undertones which make the hue to keep changing throughout the day.

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Tips for Decorating With Black

Black has gotten a bad rap when it comes to interior decorating. Most people tend to think that black is dark and can be depressing. However, the fact remains that a little bit of black is crucial for every room in your home. Other than being stylish, it is dramatic and creates a grounding effect in every interior. Black enhances the shapes and colors surrounding it. Here are some tips for decorating with black:

  • If you are adorning with black and white, ensure that you use a mixture of small, medium, and large scale patterns in combination with solid black and solid white to produce visual depth and interest.
  • Add some architectural details such as crown molding or a picture rail if black is your dominant color. This prevents it from looking flat.
  • Try an accent color in a black room to keep it from being too stark. Think of a bold pink or orange for excitement or baby green for softness.
  • You should think of a black room like a little black dress. It forms a great foundation but requires some accessories to give it life.

Tips for Decorating With Black


You can use black in any style and in any room. With its grounding effect, black gives the eye a resting place. If you have too many airy colors and light with nothing to grounds them, they may appear to be floating. This can be confusing to the eyes. Everything doesn’t have to be black, but it should be enough to tie things together and make your home elegant and stylish.

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