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Brighten Your Dark Rooms With These 5 Home Décor Tricks

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Last Updated: Aug 21, 2018

Home décor is a subject of interest for many homeowners, especially when they move into a house for the first time. If a room in your home is dark, making you feel less comfortable, do not despair. There are certain home décor tricks you can resort to, in order to brighten a dark room and feel more comfortable in your own house. As you will have the opportunity to read below, once you brighten up a room, you will also feel like you have maximized the available space. Follow our suggestions and decide on your own, which are the best for your own home.

#1 Opt For Bright Tones

If you want to brighten up a room, the first and most important thing to take into consideration is the paint. You should always opt for bright tones, preferably shades of white, as these will create the illusion of space. White brightens any room, allowing you to feel quite comfortable. You can choose bright tones for decorations and furniture as well; they will have the same effect as the paint, reflecting the light of the sun. On the other hand, if you opt for darker tones, the light will actually be absorbed, and you will not be satisfied with the final effect.

Opt For Bright Tones

#2 Wall Lighting

In the majority of the homes, the lighting is present at the level of the ceiling. While this might work for certain homes, it is possible that this type of positioning actually makes a room darker. You can easily brighten a room by placing different lighting on the walls; there are different systems available, having a wonderful brightening effect when properly coordinated. You might also want to place lamps in different parts of the room, as this will have a brightening effect as well. What matters is that you take your time and pay close attention to the position of each lamp; these should be placed in strategic points of the room so that they deliver the intended highlighting effect.

#3 Light Blue Colors

In general, blue colors are not recommended for dark rooms, as they tend to accentuate such features. However, if you will decide to go with light blue, you will definitely have a pleasant surprise. You might not be aware of this for a fact, but light blue colors actually have a neutral effect. This means you can use them to brighten a room, enjoying the newly-created atmosphere. Also, keep in mind that there are different light blue colors to choose from, including Fairview blue, bluebird, pavilion blue, blue veil and whispering spring. You can mix and match, have a lot of fun with the project in question.

Light Blue Colors

#4 Dark-Colored Furniture/Decorations

One of the easiest ways to brighten up a room is to create a contrast, between the color of the walls and the furniture and/or decorations. You can either opt for dark or navy-colored furniture, creating an amazing contrast against the white walls. You can choose the same tones for your decorations, enjoying the final accent and fresh feeling of brightness. Pay attention to the chosen elements of furniture and/or decoration; these should match one another, in order to maintain an elegant atmosphere in the room. Imagine the backdrop of the clean white walls, paired with the elegant, dark-colored furniture and decorations. Add modern light fixtures to the mix, and you will be amazed at the final result.

#5 Area Rugs

Area rugs are not only practical, but they can brighten up a room in an instant. They are especially useful in the situation the floors in your home are dark, adding to the already lack of brightness. Area rugs can cover dark floors, particularly when they are chosen in bright tones or with different patterns. Take your time and shop around, until you find the perfect area rugs for the rooms in your home. Pay attention to the way the rug matches the other elements in the room, so that you do not end up with an inadequate mix of styles and patterns. As for the best colors for area rugs, follow this simple rule: the brighter, the better. Moreover, lively colors will never go out of style.

Area Rugs

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Final Word

We all like to feel comfortable in our own homes. Often, this is very much connected to the chosen home décor. As you have seen, it is possible to brighten up a dark room, by resorting to a number of clever tricks. You can pain the room(s) in bright tones, place the lighting fixtures on the walls instead of the ceiling and create a wonderful contrast, by opting for dark-colored furniture and/or decorations. What matters is that you take your time and think about what would work out the best for the room(s) in question. And, yes, it should be a fun experience as well.

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