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9 Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas That Will Light Up the Holidays

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Last Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Christmas Tree Decor Ideas

As the December holidays approach, what comes to the minds of most people, Christians especially, it is Christmas celebration. Christmas is often characterized by feasting, beautifications, and celebration of the birth of Christ.

As traditions dictate, Christmas never quite feels like Christmas, for many people, in the absence of a Christmas tree. Mention Christmas decorations and everyone minds shifts to the Christmas tree. Most people often strive to make this tree as beautiful as possible.

Decorating it is one of those things that only need a dash of creativity and imagination and the rest works out like magic. Some people will try something new while others will stick to the decoration method that is common across the country. In the long run, the main point is lighting up the holidays in any way possible.

Below, we look at some ideas that you can incorporate when decorating the Christmas tree this season.

1. Play With Two Colors

Play with colors

Play with colors

A combination of two colors, when styling your Christmas tree, can work wonders when done in the right way. To start with, blue and red colors bring out a whole new outlook from the normal. It could be red strings and blue balls or vice versa.

Black and white decorations also work like a charm. This combination will especially come in handy if your home décor contains majorly black and white colors or the different shades of grey. Red and white also makes a great combination. Play with the colors and see which ones work out for your tree.

2. Santa themed tree

The Santa we know (were made to believe in while growing up) is always dressed in red and white. Here comes the fun part, you can beautify your tree based on this theme; the fluffy red clothes, white beard and what not. You can find Christmas stockings, Santa ornaments, and red ornaments from stores near you for doing this. Place the tree on a red and white skirt and have Santa’s fur-trimmed hat at the top.

3. Add Some Snow To Make The Tree Look Frosty

Snow  on a Christmas tree

Snow on a Christmas tree

Snow dusted on a Christmas tree gives an appealing look. A sprinkle of snow flock on the tree makes this possible. It so happens that Christmas is often celebrated when it’s snowing outside so it will be a fun way of introducing nature into the house. Take care not to overdo on the snow part. Use other ornaments such as snowballs to bring out this effect.

4. The Outdoor Camping Theme

If you love nature and spending time outside, you will definitely fall in love with this theme. The ornaments you use for decorations should depict camping. For instance, little lambs can be used, hang some camping signs, etc. Also, look for vintage ornament artifacts and add them to this collection.

5. Rustic Glam Tree

Rustic Glam Tree

Rustic Glam Tree

To achieve this look, you need to tie a rustic burlap garland around the tree, from top to bottom or vice versa. Find sparkling knick-knacks and add to this look. Don’t forget to add some delicate snowflakes.

6. The Candle theme

Just when you thought you have heard the weirdest ideas ever, another one sprouts out. On this theme, much of the ornaments are candles that have been lit. This brings out a vintage charm into the room. Caution, however, needs to be taken to ensure no accidents occur.

7. The White, Red and Green Combination

The white, red and green combination

The white, red and green combination

More often than not, you will find the tree comes in green color. To complete this look, go for white berries ornaments as well as red and white Santa themed ornaments.

8. The Red Frames

Ornaments come in different types, shapes, and sizes. In this theme, we use red frames to decorate the tree. Going with a single color leaves room for the tree to breathe and also makes it look organized. Run a garland of your choice around the tree. Other ornaments are also included but in small quantities.

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9. Candy Theme

While most people use ornaments to decorate their Christmas tree, there are a few who make it even more interesting having candies on the trees rather than normal decorations. They (the candies not people) are however arranged in such a way that they appear to a less keen eye like the usual decoration. For example, you can have a string of popcorn running around the tree. This way, people can just eat candies right off the tree.

Candy Theme

Candy Theme


Decorating the Christmas tree doesn’t have to be a boring routine. You can use the above ideas to make this activity an interesting one. The good news is you can use a different theme every Christmas so you have the chance to try them all. Do this as a family to make it more interesting.

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