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Clean Your Home With These Foods

Buying those bottled detergent and cleaners may be the best option in taking out the stain in some areas in your house, but there are surprisingly some foods in your pantry that can clean almost every part of your house.

  1. Lemons. The citrus in lemon can remove the grime on your microwave, stains on your linens and it can even make brass shine.


  1. Rice. Get a scoop of uncooked rice and add a little bit of detergent and warm water to help you clean hard to reach areas.

>long grain rice in a wooden bowl isolated on white

  1. Ketchup. This is not just best for your French fries, it can also make copper shine again, which means it is best for cleaning your car and make it gleam again.


  1. Table Salt. Since this seasoning has course texture, it is best for cleaning the stain off your butcher-block countertop and it can it can remove the food stuck on your cast-iron skillet.


  1. Walnuts. Rub the walnut shell to mask any damage, scratch or scuff on any of your wood furniture.


  1. Powdered Lemon or Orange Drink. These drinks have citric acid, which are effective in removing the stains and rust that are on your dishwasher.


  1. Cream of Tartar. This baking ingredient can help you remove the grey residue on your aluminium utensils after running them through your dishwasher.


  1. Baking Soda. If you mix this with water, it can clean almost everything in your house, including your jewellery.

Baking Soda Image_998_380

  1. Vinegar. This is a very effective cleaning tool. It can freshen laundry, remove stains from your carpets, and shine your window and so much more.


  1. Vodka. Just don’t drink it while you’re cleaning the house. This Russian beverage is actually very effective in deodorizing your clothes and shine porcelain and chrome.


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