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Decorate your Home Based On Your Sign: The Zodiac Guide

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Last Updated: Sep 5, 2016

There is a ray of 12 zodiac signs, these signs have a great influence towards ones personality and life as a whole. Everyone is assigned to one zodiac sign which depicts specific desires and traits to an individual. Determined by the projection of the planets, moons’ and the suns’ position on the eclipse during birth, the zodiac signs provide a glimpse of individuals’ preferences. Thus the zodiac sings can provide one with a unique way to decorate their home. Here are some of the profound ways one can decorate their home based on their zodiac sign:


Aries sign is associated with fire, thus people with this sign are drawn to shades of red, scarlet and ruby. With such a combination go for accents with shades of red, the strong concrete and pieces which are highly reflective.


A Taurus is a highly sensuous individual with the love of comfort, patience and always takes their time. Moreover people with this star are lovers of comfort, also the Taurus are drawn to white, the blue, pink and green pestle colors, all shades of green and the earthy brown. With such a combination your sign gives you a way to decorate your home with an end result of deeply colored rich setting at the same time simple.



As a fun loving, erratic, intellectual and curious seeker of novelty, people with this sign find it easy in settling for decorations they love. Associated with the air sign, people with Gemini sign are drawn to sky blue color, patterns like strips, swirls, spots and prints. With such a great choice a Gemini has the ability to match decorations of their choice skillfully. Print decorations in the room bring out the beauty in the room.


Associated with the water sign, people with this sign prefer soft color shades especially those with the moonlight hue, pearls, milky white cream, silver and the soft gray. With a personality characterized by tendency to have absorbed moods and hidden strengths people with this sign find luxury with softness. With the soft throws individuals with the Cancer sign find it comfortable and relaxing enabling them to sink deep through their moods bringing out their hidden emotional strength.


Also known as the perfectionists, individuals with the virgin sign always seek to maintain routine and purity. Their articulate, precise sincere and critical personality, Virgos are drawn jungle green, indigo, blue, green, beige and yellow. With such a diverse colors decorating their home is quite easy and brings out the best for the Virgo’s.



This is the lion sign associated with fire, they have a big heart, a great sense of ambition, passion and a personality full with pride. People under this sign are also risk takers and adventure loving, drawn to sunflower yellow, red and orange colors. Associated with the summer when it’s at the peak these colors bring out the perfect blend for the individuals with this sign also bringing out their charismatic personality.


When it comes to style, design and love of aesthete Libras are the best, as an air sign people under this sign are lovers of art, beauty, culture and sophistication. Based on their personality which is mainly the urge to get balance of everything, Libra individuals strive to bring balance and harbor a great sense of grace. Drawn to the darker hues like those of cobalt and the blue shades, a blend of this colors coupled with Libra’s artful capabilities brings out the best.


The water sign harbors individuals inclined to the black, maroon, algae green, burgundy and blue-green colors. A home featuring this great range of colors brings out the bold statement for the Scorpio.



Sagittarius sign brings out individuals who the lovee to explore and at the same time curiosity, with a cheerful personality these individuals are worldly. They will go for the royal purple, yellow, orange and red colors, this blend is a great satisfaction for the Sagittarius.


They are seekers of earthy colors, black, gray, burgundy and gold colors, mixing these colors with trendy shades brings out the best for this sign. With a great personality classy is the trend for the Capricorn.


With a visionary personality, purple, violet, blue shades, green, silver and gold colors bring out the best for home décor.



A sign entwined to enchanting, mystical and alluring personality, individuals born under the sign find pearly, pink, sky blue, the moss green and ocean green colors irresistible. With a powerful imaginative and divine art qualities this individuals make gorgeous home decorations.


Putting in mind the selections associated with your sign makes home decorations more easy, bring out the best in you to make the best for your home.

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