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Decorate Your Small Backyards with These 9 Incredible Water Features

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Last Updated: Oct 3, 2016

For most people, a beautiful home is what they crave for, most of the times. A beautiful home is generally one that offers serenity and, in addition, is pleasing to the eye. History has shown that most people concentrate more on making the indoor spaces striking and forget the outdoors. The reason why this often happens is because in most homes, the outdoor space is too small for any development; or so most people believe. Truth is, no matter how small the outdoor space is, you can always decorate it to make it look attractive.

To start with, if you have a small backyard and have always wished to have the sound (and look) of water in the surrounding, you can still achieve this wish. Having a swimming pool is definitely out of the question. But there are other water features you can implement instead. Below, we look at a number of these features.

1. A Small Waterfall

Small Waterfall

The thing with a waterfall is that you can create it even on the smallest of spaces. The process of making such water fall is not that complex although you have to dig a bit into your pocket for a few supplies. Sticking with the positive side, you will have your own waterfall. I don’t need to mention how awesome it makes your backyard look.

2. Simple Art

The thing with the current evolving art is that it can bring to life situations that were earlier thought to be undefined. From arts that change the mood of people, to those that make you see beyond the normal. In this context, you can use stunning receptacles, made from materials such as pebbles, glass and such. When the sun strikes such materials, when they are in water, the colors come into life creating a spectacular view. Rebecca Naylor, an Australian artist is known for creating such art.

3. Birdbaths


With a number of birdbaths and some creativity, you can transform your backyard in ways you possibly have never thought of. For example, you can theme the backyard using any of the sea animals the octopus. You simply make pottery of the chosen animal(s) and place them on the birdbaths. Your guests, and birds, will thank you for it.

4. Water body Plants

Plants around the house provide a leafy quietude. Having said that, a water effect will be achieved will be achieved by use of plants that are normally found near water sources. Think lilies and such. Simply, grow such plants in container ponds in your backyard. Pam Penick, in her blog titled Digging, guides you on the process of making one such water feature on your own (DIY).

5. A Fountain


The thing with fountains is that you are not restricted to the number of options available. Make use of the old sinks you have laying in the garage to make awesome fountains. You can also use other objects that you no longer use around your home to make a similar feature.

6. Wine Barrel Water Pump

During summer, when everyone is closest to nature, the one thing they love most is wine. It thus makes perfect sense to have a wine barrel in your backyard. At Eco Wine Furniture, you will find such a wine barrel into which water is poured through a pump, then the same water is taken by the pump and pumped again into the water barrel.

7. Outdoor Bathtub

Outdoor Bathtub

This may sound a bit absurd to some people but indeed you can have a bathtub outside the house. It is especially therapeutic during nighttime when you want to have some alone time and relax. It will help you recollect your mind and get rid of exhaustion from the day’s activities.

8. A Water Wall

The idea of having water features in your backyard is to have the delight of bringing in the aquatic life closer to your home. What better way to achieve this than to have the sound of water running in your backyard. Among other things, waterfalls, fountains and water walls will help you achieve this. This helps in reducing unsolicited noise from the streets and other places.

9. Small water ponds

A water pond can be made easily using available resources at home. For instance, a rectangular pond can be made using redwood, concrete and tile. You can take the beautiful sight a step further and fill it with Koi carp.

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There are many water features you can have in your backyard. The ones above are but a tip of the iceberg. The idea is to let your imagination be boundless. Whichever feature you settle on, don’t forget to have rocks and plants in your backyard. The two provide a seamless transition from the sea to land; which is undoubtedly what you want to achieve.

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