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7 DIY Herb Gardens To Decorate Your Home

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Last Updated: Apr 26, 2016

A beautiful home is peaceful to live in all, other things held constant. What greater way to make your home look stunning than adding some herb gardens within the home area? Herb gardens not only provide you with sufficient amounts of herbs throughout the year, but also purify the air around your home. If you have them inside your house, then you will be sure to have pure air all through. The good news is basically anyone can keep herb garden no matter how small your apartment is. It only requires a small space to flourish. Another thing is that they are easy to maintain and so you really don’t have an excuse.

Below are 7 incredible DIY herb gardens that you can try at your home:

1. Bookshelf Garden

Bookshelf Garden

Got and empty book shelf? Utilize it by placing some herbs and other plants on it. The bookshelf garden will work in similar manner as the faux ladder planter. The only difference is it the bookshelf garden, you are placing the plants while the faux ladder planter involves planting the herbs inside the various compartments of the ladder. Again, the bookshelf idea works better indoor while the faux ladder is better suited for the outside.

2. Simple Vertical Hanging Garden

Vertical Hanging Garden

This design is not only appealing, but also leaves your house looking extremely beautiful and elegant. The hanging garden looks like a ladder of sort only that every step has a hole where you place the herbs that you have. If you have a little space in a corner to spare, then this idea will work perfectly for you. Only ensure the corner is getting enough sunlight every day.

3. Bottle-Top Vertical Garden

Bottle-Top Vertical Garden

Most people have so many bottles lying around that they no longer use. Good news is you can utilize these bottles to make something beautiful out of then. All you need is to cut the top half part of the bottle and pin it on the wall (outside). Fill the upper side with soil while it’s upside down and plant your herbs there. The smaller opening on the lower side acts as drainage and is thus very functional. Another design that you can make from the bottles is cutting out a part from it while it’s lying vertically. The opening is where you plant the herbs then hang them on a wall while still lying vertically. Ensure that the top is corked.

4. Tea Cup Planters

Tea Cup Planters

Plant your herbs in teacups and then place then in convenient places around the house. Putting in mind the teacups come in different shapes, sizes and colors, the design is ideal when you want make a statement. Go for cups that have colors that blend in well with your home décor. It is also a great way of utilizing, the teacups in your cupboard, that you no longer use. Apart from the teacups, you can also use some vintage teapots. If you don’t have some, go out and purchase them at very affordable prices in thrift stores or free markets.

5. One Big Pot

One Big Pot

You can plant your herbs in one big pot. Just don’t forget to label the herbs accordingly. This design is convenient for people who only have a small corner to spare. It is also easy to maintain as you even water all herbs at a go.

6. Upside Down Planters

Upside Down Planters

These planters allow the leaves to hang upside down. This way, you can hang your herbs on the ceiling and access them quite easily. The benefit of this design is that it not only gives the herbs room to grow but also bring out an appealing look in the house. It looks more like a nature’s chandelier when it’s hanging there. It looks so beautiful giving life to your home.

7. Vertical Garden Walls

Vertical Garden Walls

The most important thing about this wall is you can hang basically all your herbs irrespective of where you have planted them. A simple wall would have wire netting, onto where you hang the plants. The wall can be used both indoors and outdoors and give quite a big space compared to the little space it occupies.


Herbs gardens make your home stand out in all ways. They also ensure you have sufficient supply of herbs all through and that is a good thing as most people always love their food with some herbs and spices. Herb gardens are also convenient as they occupy a small space. The above ideas will make your home to look elegant. Try them and see which one works best for you.

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