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6 Eco-Friendly Tips For The Organic Garden of Your Dreams!

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Last Updated: Nov 9, 2018

Wouldn’t you love to have the organic garden of dreams? If you are like most gardeners you have dreamed of having the perfect organic garden filled with beautiful flowers and a haven for your family and friends. We also want our dream organic garden to be a healthy space for the environment. A place where you can relax and know that you are doing no harm to our planet. I have six eco-friendly tips that will make your organic garden a place to be proud of. Where you will want to invite all your family and friends to so that they can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and your garden.

1. Solar Based Lighting

A smart and unique way to have your organic garden beautiful throughout the whole day and night is with solar lighting.  Solar lighting is an excellent way to brighten the garden while being eco-friendly. Since solar lighting uses the power of the sun that is purely naturally and what is more economical than the free sunshine. If you take a look at the many solar lights you will  be amazed at how many choices you have and different designs you can come with. 

2. Locally Sourced and Environmental Plants/Bushes

Another excellent way to have a dream organic garden as well as be eco-friendly is to use plants designed for your region. Instead of bringing in plants from different areas that require more sun or water than your region does, you are using plants made for your particular area. They do not need more sun or rain than what is typically provided for your area at a given time. These types of plants are environmentally conscious because they are truly made to withstand the area in which you live. Another great way to have a beautiful eco-friendly and environmentally conscious garden is to trade plants with your friends and neighbors.

3. Water Barrel or Retention System

A great way to be eco-friendly within your dream organic garden is to have a rain barrel or retained water system. This type of water system captures the rainwater that falls and reuses it for multiple uses. It can be used to water plants and flowers as well as your yard to reduce the amount of public water that is consumed. You can also use the rainwater if you have a water feature present.

4. Composting for Organic Gardening

Composting is a fantastic way to be eco-friendly to the environment as well as helping your dream organic garden succeed. It is the cheapest and the best fertilizer that you can use and what could be more environmentally and eco-friendly than composting? Any organic garbage can be composted. Items such as food leftovers, leaves, mulch, vegetable remains, fresh vegetables, and other plants all decay and are composted. This material can then be used as fertilizer for next spring’s plants and flowers.

5. No Pesticides – Use Organic Garden Pest Control

Another excellent way to have a beautiful dream organic garden, as well as an eco-friendly garden, is to avoid the use of pesticides and other chemicals on vegetables and flowers. By not using chemicals on the vegetables we eat, you are protecting the planet and your plants. By keeping your garden completely organic  you are also protecting fauna as well as the humans of the Earth. There are many DIY pesticides to use. Please check out how-to-have-a-pest-free-garden-the-organic-way.

6. Hand-Powered or Battery Operated Trimming Tools

One final last eco-friendly tips for your dream garden is using hand powered tools or battery operated trimming tools to keep your dream organic garden trimmed to perfection. Hand-powered tools include the use of a human powered push lawn mower as well as a battery-powered weed-whacker.  I use a long handled trimmer to get into those hard to reach places and a small long handled battery operated trimmer and hedger to do all those heavier jobs. These items do not consume energy and are seen as very eco-friendly to the environment.

Go Green with Organic Gardening!

There are so many ways to be eco-friendly with your garden space, the possibilities really are limited to your imagination. Whether you want solar lighting,  your own choice of colorful unique plants, you can have the dream organic garden you have always wanted. Best of all is both eco-friendly and beautiful.

I hope my tips have inspired you to go out and start that organic dream garden. A garden where you can have fun with your family and friends. Know that you are doing  your part to save our natural resources, make this world and little safer and  healthier for all of us.

Please check out organic4greenlivings to learn many tips about organic gardening, living green and natural lifestyle. Make your world a home and world a healthier and happier environment where you and your family know that you are doing our part to preserve our planet for safer future for our children and all future generations.

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