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Home Décor Effects on Our Psychological Health

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Last Updated: Mar 15, 2017

Some people don’t take home decor with the seriousness it deserves. Who doesn’t like to reside in a well-decorated home anyway? However, there are people who see it as the last priority, something to deal with after meeting all our other needs. However, while home interior design may appear as a luxury, it can directly impact our mental health.Medical health experts have studied how our living spaces can influence our mood and happiness. It’s also evident that your home art and accessories can significantly affect your happiness, productivity and performance.

Origin of Interior Design

Interior Design
The desire to create a pleasant environment may have been there since civilization, but interior design is relatively new.You probably have heard about fengshui, a Chinese principle that consists of a set of instructions for arranging man-made spaces through design.Though somewhat complicated, its main purpose is to ease movement, display pleasant accessories or art, and incorporate mood-enhancement features. The Indian system of Vastu Shastrah as the same idea.

Currently, our focus is to arrange our homes in decor styles that meet our needs and desires. Most people consider things like furniture style, color, art, patterns, and other accessories that match our lifestyle needs.However, you can design and decorate your home in an inspiring way that enhances your mood without spending on expensive art and accessories.

Decorating Your Home for Positivity

There are plenty of ways through which you can perfectly decorate and design your home for positivity.In reference to Psychology Tomorrow, all the following techniques are based on real psychology. Let’s have a look at some home decor ideas that can enhance your mood.

Stay Clean and Organized

cluttered home
A cluttered home can sap your mood and drain your energy. According to the book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo, keeping your house organized by reducing clutter can improve your mental health. Ensure that all the rooms in your house are clean and neatly organized. A clean and tidy house will not only save you time, but will also create a more serene setting. You should eliminate everything you feel that doesn’t add value to your house.

Pick the Right Wall Colors

If you love painted walls, go with mood-enhancing tones like green, blue, orange or yellow.Ensure that your select the light or pale versions of these colors.Scientists have demonstrated that bright colors are relaxing, soothing, calming, and boosts creativity. According to Kate Smith, a color consultant in Lorton, warm tones like yellow and oranges are suitable for foyer and living room because they are relaxing and stimulate conversation.

Bring In the Light

natural light within a room
The level of natural light within a room is one of the biggest determinants of home satisfaction.Though it depends on your house design, you should let in as much light as possible during the day.Remember to open the windows and pull back all the curtains. If your spaces are still dull during the day, consider putting in some skylights.Light not only enhances your mood, but also boosts creativity and energy levels.

Use Natural Elements

Some home decor experts recommend the use of natural elements like water, fire, flowers, and wood when adorning your home. They believe that these elements bring someone closer to nature. For instance, plants are considered to be helpful in enhancing a person’s mood, according to a research at Texas A&M University.For calmness, use water-based elements like small or medium standing fountain.Wooden elements and furniture are thought to enhance personal growth.Get a sense of strength from metal decor elements and feel warm and cozy by setting an indoor fireplace.

Make Your Bed

Make Your Bed
Making your bed may sound like a cheap idea to enhance your mental health? In reference to Mother Nature Network, 71% of bed makers are generally happy. On the other hand, 62% of non-bed makers are generally unhappy. Perhaps you should make a ritual of making your bed every morning after taking a shower or soon before leaving for work.It won’t cost you a lot of energy after all.

Sentimental Photos

What is in your nightstand? Is it the book you are currently reading or a glass of water? If that’s the case, you need to swap things and place some family photos. In reference to a study at the University of Portsmouth, staring through old photos brings in a sense of calmness and positive feelings.

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You may not have been aware that your interior design can significantly affect your mental health. Based on psychological facts, a well-organized, neat, and serene environment in your house can enhance your mood and energy levels.You don’t have to spend on expensive art and accessories. You can boost your mental well being by starting with the few elements in your house.Get rid of whatever saps your mood and energy.

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