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Get Stylish Floor By Renovating With Area Rug

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Last Updated: Jul 10, 2017

In a room that lacks excitement add a rug, and problem solved. That might be a good reason to decorate your house with a rug, but there are others just as compelling. It completes a room by tying all the various pieces together visually. A rug can define a room, anchor it, help layer the décor of your room, or even add warmth.

There are various ways to decorate your room with a rug. Here are some of the gems of wisdom from top designers that can hopefully help you to stylishly decorate your floor and make it more fun.

1. Centre Stage

You should consider a rug as a decoration, but it can also be a foundation of an elegant space. According to Amy Bubier, a designer, rugs are restraining piece when it comes to colour, pattern, and what fits in your budget. Therefore, you maybe want to start with the design of the rug and go to the fabrics and paint them from there. The area rug should be the ‘soul of your room’ and the furniture placement, accessories, and colour theme should connect back to it.

2. Family Friendly

Pets and children will always bring a quick tear and wear off your area rug. Therefore, when choosing the colours and the fabric to use, keep this in mind. When you want to decorate with area rugs, buy the rug that will suit your lifestyle. If you have young kids and pets, use wool rugs that can be easily cleaned and choose the pattern that can hide the certain signs of life such as stains, spills, and hair.

Family Friendly

3. Perfect Sizing

According to designer Cecilia Berliner, you should make the size of the area rug somewhat smaller than the area that is covered by the furniture. It should be big enough to support and anchor the space of the gathering, and it should be free enough and the floor around to ease the circulation flow. The size of the area rug can also depend on the layout of the furniture. It is preferable that the two front legs of the chairs or sofas be positioned on the area rug.

4. All Sizes and Shapes

Is your living room long and narrow? Don’t worry! The area rugs come in different sizes and shapes, and for every space, there is one. Andreea Avram Rusu says that the shape of the area rug should depend on the furniture and the size and shape of the room. She further suggests that in dining rooms you can use a hexagonal rug with a square table, rectangular rug with a long table, and a round rug with a round table.

All Sizes and Shapes

5. Bold Patterns

Be bold and get out of your decorating comfort zone. The entire composition of your room can be anchored by a good rug. The area rug that you choose can bring forth something surprising or add a thunderbolt of colour. Do not be afraid to use a rich pattern or bold colour. On white walls, chairs and floors, the zebra-inspired rug enhances a jolt of colours

6. Floor Border

When placing an area rug to your room, don’t cover the floor completely. Ensure you leave certain of the flooring showing. If you are creating a custom area rug, you may leave about nine inches from the baseboard. Designer David Scott suggests that you can subtract up to 10 inches from the baseboards when you want to expose the floor beneath the rug and present a border.

Floor Border

7. Defining Spaces

You should not limit your room with one rug. You can use two different rugs to define the different areas in an ultra large space. Ensure that the two rugs coordinate and complement each other. You can only use multiple rugs in big rooms.

8. Rug Comforts

Designer Amy Bubier says that area rugs are essential to one particular area—the living room. It is a focal point in the home. Most time is spent there with family and friends. It is a good place for an area rug since it adds coziness and sounds deadening.

9. Colour Unity

According to Designer Celia, you can use a neutral rug to tone down the vivacious tables and sofas. The elusive red pattern of an area rug can add to the modernity of the space. She further says that an area rug chosen can be used as a tool by bringing about unity to the scheme of the colour or by giving the mood and adding charm to space.

Colour Unity

10. Goodbye Cold Feet

To Designer Andreea Avram you can use a neutral rug to tone down the window treatments and colour bedding in your modern room. He also suggests that you can use area rugs in your bedroom to increase tranquillity. Designer Jennifer Duneir’s say that you can insert a rug under your bed to avoid jumping on a cold floor.

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You can update your room by changing out your area rugs in different seasons, or as a way of introducing new colors. To avoid creeping or slipping off your rug use a liner. The liner should be suitable for the type of your floor.

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