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10 Great Uses of Velcro in Home Decorating

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Last Updated: Sep 21, 2016

Humble Velcro is a fantastically versatile material. The principle it uses to work was inspired by nature. It was invented in the early 1940s by George de Mestrel, a Swiss engineer, who decided to take a closer look at the cockleburs that kept sticking to his clothes after he went hiking. That’s how the hook-and-loop tape, more commonly known by the brand name Velcro, was born.

Velcro now comes in all shapes and sizes, but for these home décor tips, it’s best if you use some heavy-duty Velcro, so you don’t have worry about unwanted surprises.

1. Attach Small Flower Pots to Any Surface

You can use small strips of heavy duty Velcro to attach small flower pots to walls. They’re going to stand out, and it’s much easier to maintain them since you won’t have to bend down to water and prune them.

2. Create a Minimalist Spice Rack

Using the same method you used to hang flower pots, you can make yourself an easy to use, easy to adapt spice rack. Herb gardens are yummy, and they look great! With a few dots of Velcro on the side of your spice jars and a few dots on your wall, you’ll never have to run around to kitchen or rummage through drawers until you find what you need. Plus, the floating spice jars are going to look very chic compared to the cute, but boring solution of mounting spice racks.


3. Keep Cushions in Place

Outdoor chairs can be really uncomfortable if you don’t put a cushion or tiny pillow on the seat. But then you have to keep adjusting it, and moving it back up when it starts to slip. To get rid of that hassle, simply secure it in place with a dot of Velcro. You can easily remove them if it starts raining, or when you want to wash them.

4. Remove Fluff and Lint

Throw pillows and fluffy blankets are a must in any home decorating project. They make a room look much homey and cozy, and they’re really comfy to have around. But they also have a tendency to gather lint and fluff. Using the hook side of a piece of Velcro, cleaning up this lint is going to be a piece of cake. Your blankets are going to look good as new in just a few minutes.

Hang Paintings

5. Hang Paintings Without Putting Holes in the Walls

You can easily attach a couple of dots of Velcro to your walls, and the corresponding dots to a painting or picture frame. It’s going to make moving them around much easier. And you won’t be left with holes in your walls if you decide to take them off.
6. Stop Slipping on Your Rugs

A nice shaggy carpet can be a real treat during those chilly autumn mornings. If you have hardwood floors, however, they can be an actual hazard. But if you use a few strips of Velcro to stick in place, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. These works especially well in the bathroom if you’re afraid of slipping after a shower.

Cinema Screen

7. Turn Your Tablet into a Cinema Screen

This one definitely requires heavy duty Velcro. With a piece of Velcro secured on the wall and the corresponding piece stuck to the cover of your tablet, you can basically transform it into a small TV screen. Watch your favorite series, or listen to some music while you’re doing something else.

8. Create a Jewelry Display

Storing your jewels in a box might not always be a good solution. Long strands of beads or necklaces tend to get tangled, and some delicate jewels can get scratched if kept in a jewelry box. You can create a jewelry display using a band of Velcro stuck to a wall. Pin your jewels with Velcro dots along the band, so they don’t get tangled or damaged. It’s going to make choosing your accessories much easier.


9. Keep Cables Out of the Way

A lot of what goes into making your home is masking the things that are necessary, but don’t look very good. Cables and chords are some of these things. And if you leave them lying around, they can actually be dangerous. You can run a thing strip of Velcro along the walls, and secure the cables along this strip with tiny Velcro hoops. Or you can at least keep them all in one place, with a study band of Velcro.

10. Make Extra Storage Space in Your Wardrobe

You can turn the door of your wardrobe into extra storage space, by adding Velcro strips to hang your accessories. If you have more room, you can use little hoops to attach clothes hangers to unused spaces in your closet.

These are just a few ways in which you can use Velcro to gussy-up your home. But with a little bit of creativity, you can definitely come up with new, and fun ways to use Velcro around the house.

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