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Home Décor Trends During 1980s- Only 80s Kids Would Know!

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Last Updated: Aug 17, 2017

It is during the 1980s that saw the birth of yuppies and the rise of Reaganomics. You couldn’t convince American youths to watch anything else other than MTV which featured artists like Michael Jackson, Madonna and Milli Vanilli, or movies stars like John Hughes.

Interior design inspirations came from television shows such as Falcon Crest and Dallas. It appears like the 1980s influences are creeping back.

Lately, when the Hollywood runs out movies, they are turning back to the ‘80s shows to give them a reboot, like Miami Vice and Charlie’s Angels. Let’s have a look at other home trends that were witnessed in that decade which could be making their way back.

Curtain Call

curtain call

It featured drapes and drapes became the home interior design trend. The long window coverings featuring whistles and bells were loosely or casually arranged to freely sweep the floor.

Drapes suitably designed for a window treatment to make the home your inner sanctuary. Colby Dexter Rowan and Alex Carrington emulated the curtain call trend.

Skirting The Issue

Nearly everyone would feel incompletely dressed without wearing a smile – prompting a trend where the side table was not completely dressed with a protective glass topper and a floor-length ruffled covering.

See Here

The habit of touching someone’s feet lightly with your feet was very common particularly during dessert under the clear glass dining table.

Glass dining tables were very common in law offices conference room during the decade. The trend also became a norm in nearly every household.

Leave A Light On

leave a light on

There were no Edison bulbs, and halogen heat bulb was the only way to light and end table or a desk. Thus, it could at times burn through the paper.

It’s Electric

It was also known as the Miami Vice effect, which was represented by beige-like backgrounds that shot through with hues of pink and till.

They were commonly used in the dapper styling of Tubbs and Crockets.

Take A Seat

There was nothing as uncomfortable like sitting on a high-back carved wooden chair in the dining room.

Fortunately, most of these chairs were equipped with a floral cushion on the seat to provide some comfort.

Just Hanging Out

just hanging out

Plants could hang from tabletops all the way to a hanging basket. Their vines and ivy would spill from the ceiling of living rooms and the kitchen.

Small Kitchen Islands

The ’80 marked the commencement of the utilitarian island trend. Initially, the kitchen islands (butcher blocks) were small and continued growing and are now emerging as the largest elements in the room.

With many people trying to live in smaller spaces, small kitchen islands are making a comeback.

Rack ‘Em Up

This consisted of several stand-alone racks where carefully selected CD collections could be placed with ease of access to the favorite music. The CDs were clearly displayed close a state-of-the art music systems of the old times.

Some people still possess record albums, although they haven’t used a turntable for over 20 years.

I Can See Clearly Now

i can see clearly now

There were no Smartphones during this decade, and everyone was an engineer with land-line phones that were housed in transparent casings that could let one see what was happening inside.

The challenge was to differentiate those ones and a hamburger phone.

Country Living

With country living home interior design, city dwellers could assume they were sleeping in pastoral England, credit to Ashley Laura’s home décor interior design.

The design consisted of matching floral bedding along with coordinated sheets, shams, duvets, pillowcases, dust ruffles, shams, and throw pillows which were meant to fill the frame of the white enamel bed.

Japanese Zen

This Japanese-inspired home interior décor was a very popular trend in the 1980s.

It comprised of carefully arranged pebbles in a bowl that fruits in a bowl. They were placed in the living room and considered to offer a soothing and healing effect.

Go (South) West, Young Man

go south west, young man

It is during the ‘80s that saw the Southwestern style spread across the United States more than Chi-Chis franchises. This is an interior design whereby walls in every living room were painted with pastel-hued sunset and bleached cow skulls.

This would make your living room appear like the Old West in Mexico.

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Final Word

It seems quite good to revisit the interior designs of this much-maligned decade which most seemed innocuous. Many people may want to bring the feel of their childhood into their current houses.

No one can blame you for that. With so many things turning back to the ‘80s, let’s expect home interior designers will have everything refreshed to match with the current trends.

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