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Make Your Home From “Awful” To “Wonderful” With These Home Decor Trends Of 2018

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Last Updated: Jan 9, 2018

Some people like to go big. Others like to make their houses look like a light bulb, glowing all the time. Then there are even other people who like their houses to be innovative.

What they don’t know is that all the science, and the beauty, lays in small details. That actually gives life to the place you are living in. Huge lights, TV’S and other stuff won’t cut it. You need something small, something only the professional designers would understand completely, but regular people would admire at first sight.

With these type of things people won’t even know what makes your place the way it is. Is it the color of the walls? Is it the carpet? Is it the furniture? What they don’t realize is that the answer is hiding right in front of their nose.

Your house is a reflection of your life and memories. Finding details that can fill that gap is all that you need.

You know, that also has a psychological effect on people. People maybe won’t notice those small details, but their brains will register them. That way they will know, subconsciously, what your house is all about.
So, in this article I will be showing you trends that can make that impact. To spicy things up, these are décor trends that will rule 2018!

Décor Trends For Your Home In 2018

Decor Trends

Below you will see a list of décor trends that can give life to your house and let it speak for you. So, without further ado, let’s check them.

Blooming Florals

This is a very interesting and impactful detail, yet it is so simple. All that you need to do is find flowers that you like. It would be best to mix the colors up.

Think of something nice. Something that smells nice. Something that looks nice. Find a bowl or something else for it, and put it on your table.

This small detail will make your house breathe and refresh it! You can certainly do anything with it.

If you want your house to be modern, find some nice, elegant pots and then pick the flowers accordingly. To be honest, you can make your house look any way you want with this.


Pitter-Patterns are slowly, but surely, coming to the top. I mean, they have made it to this list, right?

You can spicy things up a bit and make them interesting with a carefully chosen pitter-pattern for your home. Match them with floors, carpets, or don’t match it at all and pick some that you like.

You can choose ones that have some interesting messages on them. They may serve you like motivation. Something you see everyday gets in your head. Personally, I found one that says “Positive Vibes”. You make your choice. Your walls or floors will seem like they have a soul.

Pitter-Patterns work like magic. I call that – the pitter-pattern effect. They make space look wider, not to mention more interesting.



This is one of the new trends that is currently taking the maker by storm! This décor offers you elegance, vintage fashion, modern fashion, simply everything you can think of. You name it, they got it.

You can make a powerful combination for yourself, that is simply screaming “Hey, I’m ready for anything” with vintage antiques, wood accents, comfy wingback bags. You can also use neutrals in order to make a good balance between the accents.

Space Storage

If you want to live in a messy place and have trouble finding stuff that you absolutely need right now, but can’t find – this is what you should do.

Organize and store! You can make an alphabetical order for your shopping steals. Put every single thing to a specific place and organize your home the way you want.

You can even place sticky notes on your shelves, and make them look like a wonderful piece of design. It’s really not that hard once you start thinking about all the possibilities.

Make sections, bits, parts, sectors, whatever you’d like to call it. This way, you would feel better, your home would feel like its wider and you would be able to find your things with ease.

Splendid storage is a smart choice!

Indoor Gardens

If you have a closed balcony, indoor gardens would be an ideal choice for you.

If not, and you don’t have as much space as you’d like, don’t worry! Vertical gardens don’t take much, and they are pretty easy to manage.

Now, with this, you would not only make your home sweater and nicer, but also nurture your mind as they have a good psychological effect on us.

With indoor gardens, your home will always smell good, feel refreshed and seem energized.

Indoor gardens are perfect for relaxation, drinking coffee with your friends and family, having a quick snack, or taking a quick nap.

When all things are considered, indoor gardens seem like an excellent choice and a good mix of efficiency and money.

Indoor Gardens

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The Final Verdict

And those would be excellent choices that will bring your place to life and help you start 2018 refreshed. You can use something from this list, make a combination of all of them, or use none of them. Maybe some of these ideas inspired you for something else. Who knows?

I hope you found something that suits you best from this list.

Everything’s there, you just have to choose now.

While choosing think about the house you want to live in. Think about emotions, design and the life you are living. Feel free to experiment and change a few things. All of that must be well thought through or you would be just wasting your money.

Well, this article has come to an end. Choose wisely and enjoy your home!

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