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Top 7 Home Decor Trends for Spring

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Last Updated: May 20, 2016

Spring is the right season when you should arrange your home to get a stunning and fresh look with the latest home decor trends. With that in mind, you should replace everything that you find unsuitable with the latest decor trends that are all over in social media and latest home beauty and decor magazines. Let’s have a closer look at the top 7 home decor trends for spring:

1. Marble Accents

Credit to their beauty, marbles happens to be a popular choice when it comes to decorating your bathroom, kitchen or living room. Rather than tiling your entire kitchen to take advantage of this latest decor trend, use marble accents such as coasters, flower vases, or candle holders in the palest forms for a super versatile look. Focus on the traditional marble fireplace in a room that is painted in modern color. Come to think of how the bold shade brings a strong contrast between your wall color and fireplace. And your pink sofa will make your living room more interesting while reinforcing the modern feel of this trending home decor this spring.

2. Black and White

Black and White
This is one of the best home decor trends that most homemakers are turning to due to its simplicity, cleanliness and time-saving. With this home decor, you don’t have to use bright colors like you were accustomed in the past if you want to give your home a sleek look. Simply put a black wall as an accent to your white wall. Alternatively, add black accents if your walls are white.

3. Bohemian Decor

If you have a taste for a wide range of colors, Bohemian style should be your choice this spring. It’s an ideal decor trend that will give your room a casual feel that is welcoming. Inspired in the 1970’s, Bohemian style incorporates natural elements, layered textiles and crotched hammock. With art, plants and colors, you can make your room a place where smell of incense fills the air with Bohemian style. Instead of using a traditional headboard in your bedroom, hang a tapestry. You can also put your dining table a few feet away from your crops if you long before ate from farm-to-table when it was trendy.

4. Scandinavian Home Decor

Scandinavian Home Decor
If you want to give your house a Scandinavian inspired look, come to think of a single plant, natural wood, light floors, crème, plain or white color palettes of blooming flowers and simple lines. It feels friendly, modern and cozy when mixed with rustic in a fireplace. Other trending Scandinavian inspired home decor ideas include lemon zest yellow for your curtains and floor, floral finishing touches on the floor, white interior and paintings in pale color to give your home a brighter look, and colorful throw blankets or poufs. You can also warm up your interiors using floral displays to create a fresh and welcoming feel.

5. Light grey Floors

In reference to the latest trending home decor ideas, majority of homemakers are going for lighter colors when decorating their floors. In deed, one of the best ways you can brighten your home is by adding light grey floors. Whether you choose mats, tiles or paintings, beware that light grey floors are gaining popularity in the recent past. It’s a great idea that has been shown to give your home interiors a brighter and attractive look that feels welcoming and cozy.

6. Tech-Less Living Rooms

Tech-Less Living Rooms
If you want a home decorating ideas for a quiet environment this spring, a tech-less living room should be the trend you should go by. A living room without electrical devices apart from the lighting will give you a space for family time as well as reading. Instead of having computers, televisions and other electronic gadgets to make your living room entertaining, think of some family photos, a book shelf and cozy couches, where you can have a quality time with your family.

7. Geometric Tiles

Tiles are continually becoming bolder and bolder, while geometric tiles are on top of the trending radar this spring. We mostly see tiles in kitchen backsplashes, outdoor spaces and guest bathrooms. Aren’t they a great choice if you want to give your home an awesome look?

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Make your home quite different this using any or a combination of the top home decor choices listed above. Your goal should be to make your home welcoming and comfortable every season. Why not try something different this spring?

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