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7 Awesome Landscaping Tips and Ideas for Small Yards

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Last Updated: Nov 29, 2016

Everyone likes a good yard. A safe haven is where you can retreat after a long day at work, a piece of nature right outside your house, a place to spend time with your friends and family. A canvas you can use to paint your landscaping dreams on. But, are these ideas possible if you own a small yard that doesn’t allow too much space to play with? Sure. All you need are few big design ideas. Let’s see if we can help you in this regard.

1. Move the Things in the Front

Since your yard is not amongst the biggest in the world, it should be obvious that not everything will be able to fit such a limited space. Moving a portion of your garden in the front yard is a great way to make room for the later projects. A front yard garden can also be used to make your house more welcoming and impress the guests from the get-go.

2. Plant the Rambling Vines

The benefits of rambling vines are threefold. First, they give your landscaping another dimension. Second, they can always be combined with a home-made trellis to provide you a perfect natural shade solution. Third, when planted around the fences, rambling vines can protect your safe haven from the neighbors’ ever-curious eyes. If you want to make the most of them, you should plant them in a cooler period like spring and fall.

3. Carve out the Different Zones with Planters

zones with planters

The limited space you have on disposal requires a very utilitarian approach to design. That means that even the boundaries you are going to use to carve out different zones within your backyard should serve some purpose besides that. So, why wouldn’t you simply use? If you put them on castors, you can even change your backyard’s layout whenever you see fit.

4. Reclaim Side Yards

Every yard has that space that hosts bikes, tools, and all the other items that should be kept out of sight. It’s time to move all these items into a shed, reclaim those passages from front yard to backyard, and use them to connect these two distinct areas in a meaningful way. Whether you are going to do that with small lawns, interesting pathways, ornamental gates or vine passageways is entirely up to you.

5. Use Terraces


Terraced farming has been used by the people who needed to reclaim more planting space ever since the beginning of mankind, so feel free to steal this ancient idea. If you want to, you can even integrate other yard elements (e.g. shed) into the terraced design. Of course, if you feel that such projects are out of your league, you can always ask for professional garden landscaping service and solve this problem in no time.

6. Use a Focal Point

The tight layout of your outside sitting area will make much more sense if your furniture pieces are concentrated around some focal point. Fortunately, there are more than enough options for making such points. Outdoor fire pits and fountains are easy enough to make, but if you really want the easy way out, go with some good-looking DIY coffee table.

7. Don’t Sacrifice the Hardscape

Logic dictates that the best way to maximize the green surfaces is to minimize the hardscape. However, paths and walkways that are narrower than one meter only create a tight and claustrophobic look. So, instead of cutting down the hardscape, it is much better to try to do something creative with it and make the hard surfaces disappear into the landscape by changing the way they look.

Sacrifice the Hardscape

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If you use these few tips, your yard will look much bigger, and you’ll find enough space for all of yours landscaping ideas. Your yard will finally become that piece of heaven every one of us so desperately need.

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