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The New Wallpaper Trends Designers Are Hooked With

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Last Updated: Jul 19, 2017

Nowadays, you can find wallpapers in every pattern, colour, and style. In almost every interior of every house, it has become a must-have. Wallpapers have remained continually a lasting trend and they also convey the style and perception of the owners of the house. It has a widespread appeal and they show a sensation of sentimentality through their patterns and colours.

The new wallpaper trends give you the chance to go classic, minimalistic or neutral, arty and bold. The fanciful thing about the trends is that they will allow you to choose your own individuality and taste. You can décor confidently and you can also embrace the pieces that can make happy when at home.

Here are the new wallpaper trends that designers are obsessed with and gives you a variety to choose from that can suit your interior.

1. Pattern Clash

Pattern Clash

This has become a big new trend for designers. People nowadays are becoming confident with colour and pattern. In 2017 the softer pastel palette attractively works on the new geometrics, transmitting a more womanly edge to a manly style – specifically when a little metallic highlight is added. Patchwork tiles and pattern clash are great choices when it comes to bring interest to the interior of your house. If you happen to have a trip to Portugal you can attest to it.

Different people will have their own personal tastes. For instance, there are those that are captivated by the illusion and magic when a flat surface is made to appear three dimensional. The effects of trompe l’oeil are very attractive and it is the favourite with most people.

2. Geometrics

The designers have become so much passionate with this new trend. Wallpapers have continuously had a universal plea and incline to give a feeling of nostalgia for people through their patterns and colours. Although they are greatly a lasting trend, it is one that goes through phases; sometimes patterns are prevalent but other times it is the stripes.


Currently we can see there is a move away from the clean and minimal interiors that were so common about a decade ago. Nowadays people want their houses to reflect their interests and tastes as compared to ‘one style that suits all’ approach. Particularly, the geometric wallpapers are resonating with those individuals that want to have a flesh and bold feel.

For instance, there are some people who are attracted by large-scale pattern that have tone-on-tone color ways and contain a texture. They give a modern, dynamic, and graphic look.

3. Art Forms

This wallpaper new trend is designed in such a way that it can convey volumes about the personality and tastes of their owners and the heritage of the houses that they live in. In addition, they can communicate the story of the owner of the home, installing the home with attractiveness such as a piece of art. Wallpaper is an important piece of news because many people nowadays instead of moving they renovate their houses.

Art Forms

There are trends for textures, pretty patterns, decadent shimmering finishes, and birds and trails. The scale is generally big and wallpapers are not used to single feature wall anymore. Complimentary skirting boards and brighter painted woodwork, pithy hues have become so common and is an eccentric way to combine the patterns of heritage in a fashionable way.

There are those that like dark, moody wallpapers that provide a sense of being wrapped in their lavishness and depth. They appear amazingly classy teamed with door frames and wood painted in deep colours. It can be also used in kitchens and bathrooms.

4. Going Digital

Going Digital

These days wallpaper can come in every look you can think of. The recent developments in digital printing have enabled a revolutionary changes and this brings wallpaper up to date with breath-taking designs. Indefinite colour palettes are always available and there no limits when it comes to the pattern size, leading in designs that are large and brilliantly exciting.

May be you like colourful wallpaper that conveys a certain kind of a story and you also love arts, when your wallpaper is combined with these elements, then you are sold!

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There you have it! The top four wallpaper trends that designers are obsessed with. Which one is your favourite? From pattern clash to going digital wallpapers, we can’t wait to see what the new trend wallpapers are heading our way.

These wallpaper trends have come to challenge any style with great new designs. They have unlimited pattern size and colours that will transform your house into a vibrant house.

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In Post Image Credit: shutterstock.com

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