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Top 10 Newlyweds Home Decor Tips

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Last Updated: May 16, 2017

Starting a home together as newlyweds is a cherished experience since it gives the couple an in-depth understanding of each of them tastes and preferences. It can be frustrating to realize that couples tastes and styles cannot be more different. Just like any other aspect of marriage, it takes teamwork. The following are tips that couples can pursue to ensure their home reflects their personality.

1. Comfort First

To decorate a home as a couple, it does not only involve making space look decent but also making it comfortable to live in. Therefore, for example, if a piece of modern furniture may appear to be perfect for a sitting room there is no need investing in it if is extravagant to laze on it.

2. Code For Selecting Color

Code For Selecting Color
History shows that most couples have disputes when it comes to choosing their desired color on the wall. Instead of arguing, it is prudent that couples agree on one color that they would be pleased to see their room painted in and look for ways to ensure the shades match each other.

3. Statement Style

Building a home by couples is a joint effort. Therefore, it is wise you look for something you both like and can use to prettify your room. This could be a fancy rug you found at an exhibition, an artwork in art store or even an antique from a flea market. You can bring it home if you both of you love it.

4. Aroma Works Magic

It always feels good to be in a home that smells good. As couples invest in scented candles, essential oils diffusers and aroma stick. They do not only make the home smell heavenly but also relaxing and it is wonderful on your senses.

5.Low Maintenance Furniture

Low Maintenance Furniture
It might be an expensive affair to decorate a new house and therefore, it would be prudent to invest in décor accents and furniture, whose maintenance would be affordable. It is For example, for your kitchens invest laminated furniture for it is easy to clean. It is also possible for the furniture to be stylish and low maintenance. There are top picks furniture that is durable, easy to match and can impress visitor for a decade or more. For example Darby leather sofa and loft 21 Deidre table base.

6. Know And Understand Your Styles

Before even starting a home, the couples should take time to figure out their styles. You should answer the following questions; Is your spouse an organizational fiend? Can either of you require an in-home space for an office? Which colors do both of you tend to like? After answering these questions and others will assist both of you to settle on definite elements in your home and also helps you to decide what you want to buy.

7. Take An Inventory

Taking the inventory together allows the couples to determine exactly what they already have and this helps them to decide what to purchase for the home. You may decide to repurpose pieces you already own or find that there some of the things you no longer need them.

8. Find Inspiration

It is a good idea to refer from a Pinterest before deciding or settling on an item. As a couple consider making a board especially for your home and tack photos and images and then sit down together to determine your likes and dislikes about the elements. This can help a couple a better idea of what each one of them can compromise on and what they are not ready to sacrifice.

9. Go Shopping Together

Go Shopping Together
It is fun newlywed couples to go shopping together. It is not only a bonding time for the couples but also enables them to make practical and level headed decisions when together, which eventually avoids future disagreements. In addition, your spouse may have a sharper eye for an element you had not noticed.

10. Make It Personal

A couple would like to feel at home when walking through the door of their home. This can be simply achieved by involving décor and personal touches in their entire home that represents the couple. Since they are newly married, they should present some of their desired photos from their stylish frames or present mementos that maybe they chose from their honeymoon. Such items are the ones that remind the couples about their experiences and their memories that make their homes places of comfort and acquaintance.

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Finally, have fun together. Setting up a home and having the décor just right can take time. However, it is another opportunity altogether to build a home and increase the couples’ pool of memories and experiences as the newlyweds.

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