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Why You Should Consider Using Shades of Gray in your Home Decor?

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Last Updated: Jul 30, 2016

A beautiful home is peaceful to live in. However, it may be beautiful from outside, but if the colors you choose inside are chaotic, then it will be the last place you want to be in. If you are looking to improve the home decor of your house, then you need to look at those colors that match with your furniture and other accessories in the room. Here come the different shades of gray. Over the years, more and more people have been embracing this color as it looks beautiful in almost all houses. For many designers, gray is the neutral color. The good thing it has so many shades that can be combined with other colors to bring out the best in your home. Show me somebody who doesn’t like (if not love) gray and I will prove to you that you are living in another planet. Anyways, it is a beautiful color that is bound to remain here for a very long time.

Why You Should Go For the Different Shades of Gray?

With Gray, you include anything between silver and dark charcoal. From kitchen cabinets to wall colors, you can play around with gray to make your home stand out. It will go well even with those things you intend to have around for a very long time such as bathroom fixtures. If you are looking for interior design ideas, then the following reasons should make you go for any shade of gray.

Why You Should Go For the Different Shades of Gray?

1. It Brightens Everything

According to Kate Watson Smyth, an interior’s bloggers based in London, gray gives life to everything in a given room. If you are looking to give the accessories in your house presence and stand out, then gray is your color. Take a beautiful picture pinned on a gray wall; it will definitely stand out. Gray will give your possessions a presence that no other color can. It brightens everything and brings about a fresh look.

2. You have a Broad Range of Shades To Choose From

Keeping in mind that you have more than fifty shades of gray to choose from which are compatible with almost every other color, then you have all the reasons to go for gray. Dee Schlotter, the color Brand Manager for Giddens Paints will tell you that gray blends in so well with every style of home decor. Looking at bedroom decor, apart from white colors, you can also embrace gray. Jill Waage, the executive editor of Better Homes and Gardens Brand, says that more and more Americans are using gray colors in their kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. She has observed that more people are using gray flooring than in the past.

You have a Broad Range of Shades To Choose From

3. It Brings in Nature into the House

Another one of the many interior design ideas is bringing in nature into your home. What better way than to incorporate gray in your accessories. It brings in a calm and sophisticated look. Lita Dirks, an interior designer based in Greenwood, Colo, suggests that the reason why gray is increasing in popularity is due to its ability to bring in outdoor colors inside. From gray, you get all the softer colors of nature. That’s why you find people using old barn woods and re-purposed wood on floors or furniture. Needless to say it also brings about the vintage look.

4. It’s one of the Best Colors to go for in Accessories that are Here to Stay

Best Colors to go for in Accessories
When purchasing things like plumbing fixtures, you expect them to stay for more than two decades. That’s why you need to reconsider the colors you go for. According to Nancy Yusko, a design manager for kitchen and bathroom fixtures, in bedroom decor, the bathrooms fixtures color, enhances the relaxation that comes with a soak in the tub or a few minutes in the shower. A soft color like gray will make you calmer than when compared to other standard colors.

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Over the years, gray has gained popularity as the best color for home decor. A look at any shelter or lifestyle magazine and you will realize that most interior design ideas revolve around the different shades of gray. In the near future, gray is expected to overtake white as an interior design color. The above reasons will guide you on why you should incorporate it in your home.

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