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The 7 Most Important Smart Home Devices That You Must Have

Everyone strives to make their home to be as comfortable a place as possible. With the advancement in technology, you can easily achieve this provided you are ready to dig a little deeper into your pockets.

Consider purchasing and/or installing the following smart devices in your home.

For Home Surveillance buy Canary at $249
Canary detects intruders and hazards life carbon monoxide, fires and water leaks. It packs a microphone, an HD video camera, a motion detector, and a humidity and temperature sensor. Canary will send you alerts and video footage if it senses something out of the ordinary.

For Temperature Control buy the Nest Thermostat at $249 or the Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat at $249
These smart devices will let you control the temperature of your home from wherever you are using your smartphone. They also automatically “learn” your preferred temperature so they can adjust automatically to your preferred temperature.

For Hazard Detection buy the Nest Protect at $99
This is a home fire alarm that tells you if there is smoke or carbon monoxide in your house and where it is coming from. And you will get alerts when it needs recharging or when it goes off.

If you need a Sprinkler System buy RainMachine at $249
This machine attaches to your sprinkler controller. It uses Wi-Fi to download seven-day weather forecast so as to help adjust your sprinkler accordingly. This is meant to regulate and control your water usage. It is particularly important during the seasons when water is scarce.

For Hazard Detection you can buy WallyHome at $299
WallyHome detects water leaks and mold instead of vegetation. It comes with sensors that you can place anywhere in your house to monitor moisture, temperature and humidity. You will receive alerts when they detect anything out of the ordinary.

Other smart devices include Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker which goes for $129.99 and Aros Smart Window Air Conditioner for temperature control. It goes for$279.

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