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15 Creative Tips for Decorating Your Balcony

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Last Updated: May 11, 2016

If you are lucky to have a balcony in your apartment, it could be a convenient outdoor space where you can enjoy some fresh and natural air. Credit to such a space, you can relax while enjoying outdoor air and basking in the sun without leaving your house. This means you should make your balcony welcoming and comfortable. Here are some tips for decorating your balcony:

1. Start with the Floor

Start with the Floor
Before you move anything into your balcony, you should start with the floor. Depending on your budget, flooring options include tiles, woodwork, mats, carpet, artificial grass or any other material of your choice. The goal should be to cover the concrete with something attractive.

2. Potted plants

Most people love plants. Flowers or scented herbs will help you reconnect with nature while relaxing in the balcony. A variety can work better. Remember to keep your plants watered and attended regularly.

3. Comfortable seat

Comfortable Seat
Depending on the size of your balcony, make a comfortable seating arrangement where you can relax at ease. If the space can’t allow, use small chairs or a bench. Take a couch if it can fit.

4. Add some light

You will definitely need your balcony at night. Adding some lighting fixtures will go a long way in making it a comfortable place to use at night. Consider lanterns, chandelier or scented candles to make it more attractive.

5. Privacy screen

Your neighbors don’t have the right to peep at you when relaxing in your balcony. You need some screen for privacy reasons. Use colorful blinds or curtains that are colored to your preferences.

6. Use some shade

Use Some Shade
In case you will be spending some time in your balcony during the summer, you need some shade to shield you against the scorching sun. You can erect an umbrella on your balcony table or use a tent. This way, you will still use it when it rains.

7. Avoid your interior décor

Making your balcony different from your interior décor is essential if you want to create a difference while relaxing outdoors. Go for sectional sofas and easy coffee tables that are different from the ones in your living room.

8. Pick your balcony’s theme

Selecting a theme for your balcony will help you purchase all that you want depending on its size. For instance, if you need an Asian theme, consider a statue of Buddha and some Asian deity, few plants from Asia and a matching table.

9. Color your balcony

Color your Balcony
Your balcony should give you a chance to identify the colors you love. Use colors that don’t look attractive in your interior décor. Start by coloring the floor and use colored lampshades, cushions, pillows, planters and coverings.

10. Avoid covering your view

Apart from the snooping neighbors, you shouldn’t cover your view if it’s a great one. However, be cautious of some elements like wind-breaking roll-down screen. If you don’t have a great view, create one in your balcony.

11. Make it for at least two

If the space can allow, make your balcony a place you can wind up with a friend or your partner. For those who are blessed with spacious balconies, make adequate provisions in case you invite your friends for a part in your apartment.

12. Observe the rules

Most landlords and management companies have their own rules regarding what can be allowed in your balcony. For instance, majority of condos and apartments strictly prohibit charcoal barbecues for safety reasons. Don’t risk getting kicked out!

13. Keep your balcony fresh

Keep your Balcony Fresh
In case you have plants in your balcony, you should ensure that they are well attended. This entails watering, pruning and weeding. Rotten plants should be properly disposed outside your apartment.

14. Secure everything

This mostly applies if you have hanging objects in your balcony on the upper floors. Don’t let them go crashing into your neighbors who live below your apartments. Fix your plants, lanterns and other objects firmly.

15. Add a fridge

There is no harm of putting a fridge in your balcony if you deem it necessary. It can be a convenient place to store your beer, condiment and other essentials. Alternatively, you can put a cooler in your balcony. Remember to cover your fridge or cooler with a heavy-duty cutting board in case weather changes.

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There are plenty of ways through you can decorate your balcony. Your goal is to make it attractive and comfortable place to relax and calm down your mind. You can make your balcony stunning using the above 15 tips. Don’t hesitate to add whatever makes you comfortable in your balcony.

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