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Tips to Make Small Bedroom Look Great

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Last Updated: Sep 16, 2016

Smaller bedrooms can be very hard to design and decorate. A bed takes up a lot of space, not to mention other pieces of furniture like closet or a night stand. But, just because you don’t have a lot of space to work with doesn’t mean you can’t decorate it with style. Your bedroom is a representation of your own sense for style and your personality. Since you’ll be sleeping there, make sure you’re comfortable in it. You can follow these simple tips on how to design your bedroom and transform it into something that looks amazing.

Add mirrors

You can add depth to your room by putting some mirrors on your bedroom walls. Mirrors can act similar to windows. Not only do mirrors reflect light but they can also add depth and height if placed properly. Putting one large mirror on your bedroom wall can instantly make it appear more spacious. Also hanging several smaller mirrors can visually aid your bedroom. You could also get a closet door with a mirror on it that spans from floor to ceiling.


You could make your room seem bigger by limiting your color choices. If you use similar colors for your furniture, drapes and walls your room will seem bigger. This is because the difference between elements is blurry and your eyes can move effortlessly across your bedroom. Also using brighter colors will help with this. This is because lighter colors reflect light, which makes a room seem bigger and roomier. Darker colors, on the other hand, absorb light and the bedroom will appear smaller. So, when you’re decorating your bedroom try to stay away from darker shades.



Having windows that stretch from floor to the ceiling would make your room seem bigger. But if you have normal windows you can still make it look spacious by decorating them with drapes properly. You can create this illusion by placing drapes above the windows and letting them hang long, without them touching the floor. By doing this, you achieve a horizontal effect that makes the windows look bigger. If the drapes are touching the floor your whole room appears smaller. If the drapes are too long simply tie them up so there’s a few inches of space between the hem and the floor.


Having a single source of light in the bedroom can make it look tiny. Instead of that consider putting several smaller lamps across your bedroom. This will make it seem more spacious. You could put them on your bed stand, or even put some stylish lamps on the walls of your bedroom. There are numerous solutions for this, you could check for some lighting options online and see if you like any

Try to keep it simple

In order to make a small bedroom appear bigger, it’s advisable to keep it as simple as possible. If you go overboard, you might end up adding unnecessary pieces of furniture, decorations and detail. This can result in a room that seems cluttered and small. A bed, some lamps, white drapes and perhaps a plant in the corner of the room should do the trick. Simpler is better here.

Try to keep it simple

Stick to brighter shades for your walls, beddings and decorations. Always try to keep everything clean and organized, this will make the bedroom appear larger. Move furniture around to see how you can get more space. A simple design and layout of your bedroom combined with brighter patterns will make it stylish and create an illusion of a larger bedroom.

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