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Exterior Christmas Lighting: Trendy Outdoor Holiday Decoration

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Last Updated: Dec 25, 2019

In reference to the latest online tradesmen, more than half of homeowners decorate their homes’ exteriors during the holiday season. It’s your turn this year to adorn your home to host the Christmas and New Year festivities.

Trends in holiday decorations continually change from year to year, and outdoor holiday lighting is not an exception. If you want to make sure that your home looks the best for this holiday season, below are some popular and stylish trends that are ideal for residential and commercial exterior holiday lighting.

LED Lighting

The light-emitting diode (LED) is an electric light source that you can find in commercial and residential lighting bulbs. It’s among the latest energy-efficient and fastest-developing lighting technologies.

Apart from being durable, they provide better quality light than many traditional forms of lighting. In fact, they spend 75% less energy and can last more than 20 times longer than other lighting sources.

Additionally, unlike incandescent lights, LEDs are cooler which lowers the risk of combustion or fires. Another advantage is that they are easier to install because they can be connected end to end. They will save your cash, time and energy.


Lit Garland and Wreaths

Going green will forever dominate in the exterior holiday lighting trends. But this time you should try something in the form of luxuriant greenery, like lit garlands and wreaths. Whether they are fake or natural, lit garlands and wreaths can make impressive displays on your front doors and windows.

While most homeowners prefer placing lit wreaths and garlands on front doors, you can also install in odd exterior places like garage doors, dormant windows, or deck lights. Natural garlands and wreaths are recommendable because their fragrant and fresh scents welcome your visitors while cleansing the air in your home. You can spice up your lit garlands and wreaths by adding colored ribbons or pine cones in prospective places.



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Multicolored Lighting

There is no denying that white lights have dominated for nearly the past decade. We have seen them twinkling in trees, outlining roof peaks, and shrubs. Surprisingly, homeowners have shifted the trend to multicolored lighting this festive season. This trend appears to have been made-up by kids who love colors and are now actively participating in making holiday decorating choices.

Thumbs up to kids for this great invention! Let’s hope that commercial properties that have been accustomed to traditional white colors for holiday décor will change the trend and come up with colored dazzling new light packs. We can’t deny the fact that white lights are stylish, but multicolored lights scream the loudest for the festive fun and bliss.

Multimedia Light Shows

When it comes to lighting, Red, Green, and Blue (RGB) is the latest technology and is here in full force this holiday season. When these three colors are combined in varying intensity, they can produce millions of different colors. What an amazing home décor for this holiday season? These high-tech lighting devices come with inbuilt remote controls and have built-in WiFi receivers that you can use to change color effects and designs in the comfort of your house.



Big Home Décor

This may be an indication that the economy has improved, but going it big is worth. Figure about a towering Christmas tree, large-scale wreaths, and garlands, or a 6-foot toy soldier at your front door ornamented with adorations.

Although most people would think that this large-scale home décor is ideal for commercial properties, it’s a great idea if you can consider it for your exterior holiday decorations. Isn’t it suitable for your front yard displays? However, you should consider something that is weatherproof and durable for all outdoor decorations.



Additional Tips

  • If you will be using extension cords for your exterior holiday lighting, make sure that they are out of the way.
  • Ensure the extension cords are rated for outdoor use and keep the connections above ground and water.
  • Always pick lights that are waterproof.
  • Check and replace all burned-out lights.
  • Avoid worn-out staples, nails, screws, or hooks when installing your displays.
  • Call in professionals if you a home décor novice.
  • Unless your outdoor lights are attached to a timer or a photocell, always remember to switch them off before going to bed.

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Are you planning to decorate your home exterior this holiday season? You have plenty of options to make this holiday unique and unforgettable with these home décor ideas. Consider LEDs that are both economical and easy to install.

Select a variety of colors to stay in style with the latest home décor trends. Go an extra step and adorn the unusual places like the garage door or veranda, and try something bigger depending on your budget. On top of all, make your holiday enjoyable!

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