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The Ultimate Guide to Living Room Essentials

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Last Updated: Apr 16, 2016

When I was in pursue of my first apartment, I was pressed for time to move in prior to starting with my new job. I quickly found one that was vast, sun-bathed and quite affordable, so I didn’t think twice about taking it.

What at a first glance was an ok space turned out to be one very poorly furnished living room. From bleak dirty-white walls and lack of functional organisation to absence of some essential elements, the apartment screamed makeover. That made me think about the changes I could do if this was my own home. Since I happily moved into a beautiful house a few years ago, I had the chance to put my solutions into practice. I’m about to share my ideas with you.

1. Sitting pieces

Sitting Pieces

If you’re trying to instill a touch of elegance and timelessness to your interior, a sleek sofa is the perfect piece of furniture for you. However, there are several aspects you must consider when purchasing this vital living room item.

Firstly, if you’re dealing with modest square footage, opt for smaller, disjoined pieces, while bigger rooms can accommodate massive, merged sectional sofas, like the one I have. It is an absolute win for the friends and family movie nights and private get-togethers.

Durable materials are a recommendation if you’re frequently hanging in this room, and it’s decidedly kid-proof. Select a neutral color that can fit into the overall room color plan. Grays are quite popular these days, and I got mine in ashen shade.

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2. Carpets and rugs

Carpets and Rugs

If you don’t have time for some heavy duty vacuuming, or the whole business is just futile with the heavy traffic your living room gets, go for handy runners or textured mats to prevent sliding and give the flooring some character and protection. Antibacterial models are a neat compromise if you desire a wall-to-wall carpet that is soft and safe for babies and kids to thread on.

Tint wise, carpets can be stars of the room with their popping hue. I have a fuzzy white (crazy, I know), but mind that such variant demands regular maintenance and very considerate residents.

3. Shelves setup

Shelves Setup

From decorative to practical bookshelves, a living room gets a more homely and personal tone with employment of this furnishing ingredient. When book-holding variant is in question, the options are ample. Whether you decide on a DIY project or get advantage of customisable shelve-making service, make sure that the chosen style gets along with the room’s theme.

I installed some classic, rectangular darkwood shelves in the corner closest to the window and paired it with a rocking chair. I have seen the wildest ideas that include wine caskets, recycled branches and ladders, so go bold if the décor allows it.

Lighting system

Lighting System

A proper illumination can effectively set the ambience of this place, so don’t neglect its presence. For me, a good table lamp with some overhead dimmers was enough, but some people require more light in this space. Introduce more powerful fixtures to suit your daily needs in the form of a vintage chandelier or some simple ceiling model. We had to remove the ceiling light cover in my previous flat, and the glare was awful, so ensure you have some eye-friendly bulbs.

Tables and stands

Tables and stands

Without a good living room table, where would we rest our tired feet? Joking aside, coffee tables and stands are indispensable components of this most utilised area in the house. If you’re looking to save some space, multipurpose design are the perfect save.

For example, some tables can store magazine and documents, while others can convert into gaming pads. Note that the table or a stand have to complement the room in terms of shape too (sharp-edged or smooth). I opted for a simple oval piece with two accompanying side-kick stands.

Media nook

Media Nook

When you’re cruising and browsing for your new shelves, a media appropriate stand undoubtedly makes the list. At this point, you have probably looked around and measured the size of the desired technical devices you want installed in the living space. Equip your media heaven with decent audio and video aperture, which commonly involves a flat-screen TV and a mighty surround system. Much like in Universal Home Theatre offers, packages that are at customers’ disposal can be tailored to individual requirements.

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Tweaks and details

Tweaks and details

A bland, accent-ridden room could look generic a bit, and I would warmly advise adding some personal details and distinctive features to enliven the space. If you’re a connoisseur, smartly positioned arty items could make a real difference. I myself played safe with pillow throwing and green plants.

Take time to figure out what you truly want from your living room. Once that is done, all it takes is to coordinate the elements in an adequate and tasteful manner.

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