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6 Ways for Breathing Life into Your Home Décor

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Last Updated: Nov 18, 2016

Let’s face it, most of us suffer from busy schedules and, with this amount of obligations, one can hardly find time for décor projects. These useful tips will help you coordinate your home décor projects better and give you a jumpstart.

Front Door

The whole point of remodeling is to give your home a fresh new look, as the first impression is extremely important. We’re obviously talking about the front door here. Think: a fresh coat of paint, a brand new knocker, and a new knob – covering all of the mentioned will make your door appear completely new. With this in mind, getting a new door is also a more expensive, but an efficient option.


If the walls are the first thing that comes to mind when you are planning on doing a house remodel, decluttering is definitely something that should come to mind first. You can’t do anything in a cluttered home, so getting rid of all the unnecessary stuff should be of primary importance. Clutter, however, is a problem for a reason – it doesn’t occur due to neglect and laziness, but rather due to the human nature of getting easily attached to objects. The first order of business when decluttering is making a list – put stuff that you haven’t used in over a year on paper. After you’ve done this, mark the items that really mean alot to you. The rest is, well, clutter. Throw it away as soon as possible, before you get emotionally attached to it as well.


The walls are usually the first thing that comes to mind when planning a house remodel. Instead of keeping that boring and bleak form of white or cream, opt for more vibrant colors, such as green and aquamarine – this will breathe life into your home, without putting too much pressure on your eyes. Avoid colors such as red and aim at muted yellows, soft blues, and vibrant greens.

Natural Light

Natural Light

Natural light is the best type of light. Nothing brightens up the atmosphere more efficiently than sunlight. Letting it in, however, can sometimes be a problem, depending on which side your house is on. If you can, aim at installing large windows on the north side of your home. If this isn’t possible, skylights are a great choice; the most expensive ones are fitted with mirrors, in order to bring daylight to your home. Skylights are the best way to bring in the natural light indoors.


Even during the night, you still want your home to look great. Without proper lighting, all the quality décor that you managed to obtain will be in vain, so opt quality lighting. LED lights are always a fantastic choice and, even though the LEDs are more expensive than the regular lighting, they do pay off in the long run.


Other Stuff

Once you’re done with the big stuff, it’s time to move on to, well, trivialities and other paraphernalia. Think about getting indoor benches, new chairs, new tables, etc. This will not only provide comfort and stop those creaking sounds of old furniture, but also completely refresh your interior. Get a new carpet, buy new ashtrays (if you allow smoking on your premises) and find cheap, yet gorgeous pictures at the local flea market – while you’re at it, get some cheap decorative items, too.

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These were the basics of redecorating your home. In truth, refreshing your interior is something best done on your own – get your own ideas, adapt them, try to match items and, generally speaking, have fun; there is no reason to perceive this as an obligation.

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