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Simple Ways to Add Brass to Your Home Décor

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Last Updated: Mar 24, 2017

Metal decorations can add an elegance and imperial touch to your home. The most commonly used metals in décor accessories include gold, silver, brass, copper, and steel. Most people like brass because it is relatively inexpensive and has a beautiful gold-like color. You can readily find it and can be used to design objects with charming finishes. If you choose brass, there are many classic and traditional ways through which you can use it in your home décor. Let’s have a look at some ways to add brass to your home décor.

Lighting The Living Room

With its gold-like glitter, a chandelier with brass handle hang on the ceiling of your living room will definitely give a stylish and elegant display. An antique brass frame chandelier will add a delightful airy appearance to your living room. With different lighting ways, it is great for anything you do in the living room. It is suitable for both traditional and modern living rooms.

Bedroom Lighting

You can enhance the glitz and glamor of your bedroom using brass pendant lights. Think of a brass-framed mirror or a dressing table with brass hanging lights in your bedroom. Doesn’t it look amazing? Some people will go to the extreme of purchasing a brass-ornamented bed. With its soft aged glow of antique, brass can bring an elegant and romantic coziness in the bedroom.
bedroom lighting


This happens to be the easiest place to add brass to in your home décor. You can opt for a brass backlash if you have stainless utensils to match with your kitchen cabinets and floor. You can display brass cookware on open shelves or hang it from the hooks on the ceiling. Brass is not only durable and efficient cookware metal but also makes your kitchen stunning. Other ways to incorporate brass into your kitchen include napkin rings, drawer knobs, flatware, or faucets.

Brass Planters

You can strategically set brass planters on the kitchen windowsill or along the entryway of your house. The radiant planters make green plants appear to sparkle, which will definitely make your home more striking. You can also brighten up your shelf or tabletop using a combination of rich brass and cool greenery. Brass planters can be used as cachepots to conceal other flower pots. You can plant in a plastic growing pot and place a layer of gravel in the bottom of the brass planter for a magnificently finished look.
brass planters


Brass candelabras are a gorgeous addition to your home décor. No matter where you plan to place them, these shimmering beauties will really give your house an elegant look. You can use them as an aesthetic element to liven up your home or place them on your dining table. Brass candelabras can also be used to showcase food table or cake table during special events in your home.

Brass Figurines

You can find brass figurines in different sizes and shapes. You should pick the one that matches your personality and put it on the calming table. Brass figurines are a great way to let your home tell more about your personality.

Dining Room

You can add brass in your dining room by investing in a brass and glass coffee table. Such an exciting piece will draw attention to your surrounding and add more intrigue to your home décor.

Add Brass To Your Bathroom

dining room The best thing about brass is that it works very well with all tones of colors from bright to dark. Adding brass pipes to your bathroom can give a character that is unmatched with the classic chrome piping. It blends exceptionally well with the general appearance of your bathroom and also looks great with the wooden cabinets and tiles.

Stylish Combinations

When combined with woods, brass looks elegant and stylish. You can go for furniture pieces that offer such combinations or attach brass handlebars on your wooden pieces. They give your home a touch of sophistication and antique style. You can affix grass handlebars on your doors, kitchen cabinet, or any other area of your choice.

Team With Other Accessories

team with other accessories

You can team brass with other striking colors to further enhance the majestic look of this metal. Whether you prefer dark gray, navy blue or black, any color can accentuate the brass for a more splendid look. If you have large brass colored elements in the room, opt for muted tones to give a greater impact and focus to the brass colored effect more quietly.

Oversized Bookcases

If you want to go big with brass, invest in oversized bookcases made of brass. Such bookcases will make brass the chief element in your home library. You can add softer textures in brass color to significantly mute the tones of the metal. To create a bold impact without being obnoxious, add some upholstery, pillows, and blankets.

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When suitably antiqued, polished or hammered, brass is a metal that can give an appealing look to an indoor setting. It is an inexpensive way to enhance the classiness of your home in subtle accents. With a warm finish, the metal is a great décor element for an excellent look.

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