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5 Ways to Get Away With Keeping Festive Decor Up Past the Holidays

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Last Updated: Dec 25, 2019

With the festive season fast approaching, most people are warming up to having lots of decorations in their homes. It is probably the best part of the festivities (followed closely by the food of course) that we all look forward to. Fast forward to past the holidays, it is never a good sight to see a house with holiday decorations. Such a house often looks off; like a place time forgot.

Take for example a house that has a Santa sculpture in April. It’s not peculiar. Sometimes, we wish all the effort we put into decorating the house would last a little longer past the holiday and perhaps be appreciated. The sad reality is that this is never the case. Soon you are forced to remove the decorations and wait for the next year’s festivities.

However, this should not always be the case. If you are looking to have the festive décor up post-holidays, there are a number of things you can do. They ensure the holiday decor extends for a little longer and at the same time, it doesn’t look out of place.

To achieve this, you need to follow the counsel of an expert in interior design. In this segment, we look at the advice of Orlando Soria from Homepolis as he elucidated his take on this issue to Elle decor.

1. The Decorations To Keep After the Holidays

While some of the decorations directly portray the holiday at hand, say Christmas, there are others that portray a certain season. Those are the ones you need to keep. They include icons such as trees, snowflakes, pinecones, etc. As much as they make the celebration beautiful and worthwhile, they also rhyme well with your house decor even after the festivities are over.

2. What To Lookout For While Making/Purchasing The Designs

Chances are the designs you’ll go for will be highly influenced by your personal taste. Nevertheless, be keen on the colors that they come in. Go for those whose colors match with your home’s interior decor.

For example, if your house’s decor is designed in different shades of grey, go for designs that are on the same color scheme. This way, having them past the holidays won’t look awkward but rather classy and unique. Neutral colors such as gold, white and silver always work magic.

3. Thinking Beyond the Holidays


It is true that most people make decorations with only the holidays in mind. It’s however important to think beyond that. If there is a certain period in the year that passes rather quickly, it has to be the holiday season; most especially the Christmas season.

Within no time, it’s over and we bounce back to our normal day to day life. Orlando Soria notes that growing up, his mother rarely used holiday-specific decorations. She would instead frame vintage magazine covers and hang them around the house (those ones with exquisite fashion illustrations).

These frames would last for so long in the house given that they didn’t depict any specific holiday. By around July, she would pull them down and have them back in December. The same thought needs to be applied when you want to design your house for revelries.

4. Deciding What Stays And What Goes After New Year’s Eve

We all wish that Christmas could last forever, but this is never the case. Once we usher in the New Year, pretty much everything goes back to normal.

While some beautification pieces you have must be removed (to free up space and allow the rooms to breathe), some can be retained. A chilly wreath can stay until the end of spring. As noted above, pieces that depict a season, say summer or winter, can stick around for some time.

5. A Time To Rethink The Interiors Of Your Home

Orlando notes that it’s when making these decorations that he gets time to reconsider his home décor. By moving pieces around in order to create space, he is able to rethink different designs that could work for his home. Take this time also to look at the arrangement of your home and the ways you can make it even better.

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Sometimes, thinking about the hassle we all go through where preparing for the holidays and how all that vanishes in no time can make one desist from making major decorations plans.

Why go through all that trouble for something that barely lasts a month? Well, this should not be the case anymore. This holiday, don’t shy away from putting your best decorations forward.

Just ensure that you follow the above tips and you can be sure that they will be there even after New Year celebrations. Above all, make the most out of this holiday; such times rarely come along. Have fun.

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