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12 Ways to Style a Coffee Table In Your Home

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Last Updated: Aug 17, 2016

Coffee is a beverage consumed by a larger percentage of the world’s population. With that in mind, a well decorated coffee table is needed to add to its main function of keeping people active. Guess what, you do not have to crack your mind about decorating ideas because creativity that will never disappoint you is elaborated below;

1. Make use of your books

As mentioned, earlier coffee activates the brain which is probably all that a person that reads could ask for. This automatically makes books part of the coffee table items. Arrange your books neatly on the coffee table. Consider books that are of the same size. Make the cover of your books as beautiful as possible. Similarly, you can arrange other items such as magazines and serving trays in a stack.

2. Consider other shapes

As much as arranging books in order improves the appearance of the table; the rectangular shape can bring a feeling of stuffiness. Therefore, playing with circles and squares improves the appearance more. Place a circular bowl, table mat and any square item on the table to break the monotony of rectangular shape.

Consider other shapes

3. Don’t take heights for granted

Creating the stacks of items neatly and adding various shapes to your coffee table is not enough to exploit all the beauty ideas. Heights of the various items can be used to your benefit. Arrange the items such that you get three different heights. Consider putting the tallest item on top of a stack.

4. Flower it

Whenever anyone thinks about beauty, flowers never miss to appear in the picture. The feeling the flower’s scent gives is inexplicable; its magic will forever remain unspoken. With the flowers on the table, it is a good idea to include candles to enhance the appearance. Reduce candles such that they appear with different heights of a particular pattern.


5. Consider two tables

This idea is only applicable where you have a spacious room. Place two coffee tables such that they are attached to each other and each protrudes from one end. You can add an attention capturing sculpture in the middle where the tables are attached.

6. Place your favourite items on the table

People have favourite items that wish it would stay new forever. These are often gifts from our loved ones. Talking about favorites, put your favourite clothes, sheets and shoes aside. The ornamental things like jewellery and carves are what we are talking about. Place them at a strategic position on your table like at the corner or at the edge such that it won’t cause untidiness.

Favourite Items On The Table

7. Spread your books on the table

Books are things that people like being identified with. Arranging your books neatly all over the table sounds messy but it’s until you try it that you can stop judging. ‘Neatly’ is the keyword that you need to consider when applying this style. However, it’s a great design when with adults only.

8. Under glass tables

We have all along been talking about the top of the table. However, with glass tables making the top part pretty and leaving the under part is useless. Decorating the both the top and the under using stacks and well-designed black or white rug. The other option is to leave the top side totally empty and allow the beauty under to glow.

Under Glass Tables

9. Complex shaped tables

The most common tables that we are familiar with are the circular, rectangular and oval shaped tables. Surprisingly, there are tables that come with none of these shapes. If you are an owner of these unique tables, an organic charm is enough to take the table to its heights. Tulip blossoms are simply the best choice for you.

10. Simple staircase

Staircase term comes as a result of the pattern the design produces. It only requires 2-3 books and a square glass vessel which is relatively smaller in width than all the books. The books should also be of different sizes such that the largest goes below and the flower vessel on top of the smallest book.

Simple Staircase

11. Shelve tables

Small things like remote controls and pens can make your table a little bit untidy. Shelves are there to keep the top part of the table neat. In a case of two shelves, place the remotes on the lower one and arrange other rectangular items on the upper one.

12. Make it live

Flowers have been mentioned severally with no particular specifications. You could use live or plastic flowers. When designing white tables, flowers with green live leaves is the best choice. This will bring a sense of nature to the room.

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Coffee tables can sometimes be messy but a little attention can make it better.

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